Agricultural Science (Advanced Science)
Curtin University

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3-4 years

Course Description

Agricultural Science Major (BAdvSci) (Honours) - BAdvSci(Hons) (Agricultural Science) - MJRH-ADAGSScience and Engineering
Guaranteed ATAR 95 This is the ATAR level at which an offer of admission is guaranteed, subject to any other non-ATAR criteria being met.
Location Bentley
Study method Full-time or part-time
Study mode On-campus
Intake February or July
Duration 4 years full-time

Agricultural scientists are central to ensuring that we can feed a growing global population. In this major you will use chemistry and biology to develop an understanding of production systems and to apply problem-solving techniques to management strategies. You will work in multidisciplinary teams with students from other majors in the Advanced Science course to address global issues such as food security, changing markets, sustainability and climate change.

This major is part of the Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours), a course designed for high performing students to pursue their interest in Science through a core of research, leadership and entrepreneurship. It provides a flexible and personalised approach to studying Agricultural Science with students able to explore the field through for-credit immersive research experiences, industry placement and/or interdisciplinary team-based projects. The major culminates in a capstone experience in which students will have the opportunity to pursue Agricultural Science projects that may be based anywhere from pure research right through to translational (entrepreneurial) science.

There is a strong focus on field trips and practical agricultural experience throughout this major. You will study brad acre cropping and livestock production systems through research-led activities, problem solving and self-directed experiments using the Curtin University field trial site and glasshouse facilities.

Throughout this major you will have opportunities to engage with world-leading researchers. For example you may gain field and/or laboratory experience with the Curtin Centre for Crop Disease Management (CCDM), Australia’s leading research group for developing solutions to crop pathogens.

Career opportunities

Increasing demand for global food security in a globally competitive environment provide graduates with many job opportunities across the food production chain. Graduates from agricultural science and related courses are highly employable across a diverse range of sectors including in Government agencies (such as CSIRO and state departments of agriculture), Farm consultancy, Agronomy, Research, Education, International agricultural development.

Please note, beginning your studies in July may increase the duration of this course beyond four years due to unit availabilities.

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