Business Law and International Relations Double Major
Curtin University

(Tuition fee is not stated)
3-4 years

Course Description

Bachelor of Commerce - BCom(Curtin) - MJDU-BLWIRBusiness and Law
Guaranteed ATAR 70 This is the ATAR level at which an offer of admission is guaranteed, subject to any other non-ATAR criteria being met.
Location Bentley
Study method Full-time or part-time
Study mode On-campus or mixed on- and off-campus
Intake February or July 

Regional campuses may offer the common first year units only.

Duration 3 years full-time

Get ready for a global career.

Understand the processes by which law is created, changed and applied to business and government. You'll be provided with significant knowledge in the basics of business law such as torts, real property, trusts, trade practices and ethical issues in business practice. In International Relations you’ll look at current issues facing national security, inter-governmental politics, foreign policy and international strategy.

The International Relations major is usually offered as part of a Bachelor of Arts, however when combined with the Business Law major it can be completed as a Bachelor of Commerceinstead. If you enrol in the Bachelor of Commerce you will gain broad business knowledge through your first year by completing common core business units. These units provide an introduction to the various aspects of business.

High achieving students may complete an additional honours year enabling them to undertake their own significant research project.

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