Computer Systems Engineering Honours and Computer Science Double Degree
Curtin University

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5 years

Course Description

Computer Systems Engineering Honours and Computer Science Double Degree Major (BEng Hons/BSc) - BSc(Curtin), BEng(Hons) - MDDU-CSECSScience and Engineering
Guaranteed ATAR 80 This is the ATAR level at which an offer of admission is guaranteed, subject to any other non-ATAR criteria being met.
Location Bentley
Study method Full-time or part-time
Study mode On-campus
Intake February or July
Duration 5 years full time. In certain cases, the need to complete special units may extend the duration.

Computer systems explore the role of computers as elements in engineering systems. In the first two years of this course, you will study alongside electrical and communication engineering students. In third year, you will choose a specialisation in computer systems engineering and explore areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, machine vision, computer-aided design and manufacture, automation and process control. Prior to graduation, you'll complete at least 12 weeks of engineering work experience, making your theoretical studies meaningful and industry ready.

In your first year you will complete the Engineering Foundation Year (EFY). The EFY builds a solid base of the fundamental concepts common to all areas of engineering. The EFY was developed in partnership with industry to create a curriculum that is reflective of engineering practice.

Computer Science is concerned with the concepts and technology that operating systems, programming languages and software are based upon. Issues such as how operating systems are designed and how they function, what is involved in designing a new programming language, artificial intelligence and how it is employed in software applications are covered. It aims to give you a high level understanding of the theory and technology that drives computers and computer networks in today's world so that you will have the knowledge and ability to adapt to new ideas and technologies. There is a strong emphasis on mathematics in this course as computer science theory and application is mathematically based.

This double degree provides graduates with a background in computer science and its application in computer systems, electrical and electronic and communication engineering. The combination of the two degrees provides graduates with versatility, which opens up a wide range of employment opportunities. On completion of the program, students are awarded both the Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems Engineering) and Bachelor of Science (Computer Science).

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