Metallurgical Engineering
Curtin University

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3-4 years

Course Description

Bachelor of Engineering (Metallurgical Engineering) - BEng(Curtin) - MJRH-MTENGScience and Engineering
Guaranteed ATAR 80 This is the ATAR level at which an offer of admission is guaranteed, subject to any other non-ATAR criteria being met.
Location Bentley or Kalgoorlie This course may not be offered at all locations every year. Please contact us for more information on availability.
Study method Full-time or part-time
Study mode On-campus
Intake February or July 

The first year of this course is only offered at the Bentley campus. The final two years are available only at the Kalgoorlie campus.

Duration 4 years full time

Metallurgical engineers mostly work in converting raw metals into more useable formats, such as converting iron ore and coal into steel. They extract, refine and recycle metals to produce products that are stronger, more durable and more energy efficient.

In this major you will learn to design, develop, optimise and manage the operation of metallurgical processing plants that transform low-value raw materials into useful, high-value mineral
and metal products in an economical and environmentally responsible way.

In your first year you will complete the Engineering Foundation Year (EFY). The EFY builds a solid base of the fundamental concepts common to all areas of engineering. The EFY was developed in partnership with industry to create a curriculum that is reflective of engineering practice.

You will receive a strong grounding in chemical and physical engineering, economic, environmental and sustainable principles, and the extraction of metals from ores. The course also includes a strong management component.

After your Engineering Foundation Year in Perth, you can go directly to Curtin WA School of Mines in Kalgoorlie, or study for a second year in Perth before completing your third and final years in Kalgoorlie. Studying in Kalgoorlie will provide you with meaningful exposure to the mining industry.

In your final year of study you will undertake a major research or design project.

As part of a double degree program, you can study Bachelor of Engineering (Metallurgical Engineering) with Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Accounting, Economics, Finance or Management)

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