Visualisation and Interactive Media
Curtin University

(Tuition fee is not stated)
3-4 years

Course Description

Bachelor of Arts (Humanities) - BA(Curtin) - MJRU-VISTCHumanities
Guaranteed ATAR 70 This is the ATAR level at which an offer of admission is guaranteed, subject to any other non-ATAR criteria being met.
Location Bentley
Study method Full-time or part-time
Study mode On-campus
Intake February or July
Duration 3 years full-time

Visualisation and interactive media are increasingly used in our technology-driven world.

This course explores interactive media and visualisation technologies as innovative means of communication. Visualisation and interactive media technologies cover a wide area of applications, such as in digital games, art and entertainment, social media, mobile media, virtual and augmented reality, 3D, user-generated content, interactive cinema and digital humanities.

The Visualisation and Interactive Media major considers the multidisciplinary aspects of visualisation and interactive media technologies and explores their application in areas such as medicine, health care, architecture, archaeology, education and business applications.

You will investigate the critical and practical aspects of new technologies, their social and cultural impact on our lives, and the way we work with them now and in the future. You’ll learn to communicate via interactive media and images; present and interact with information graphically; develop mobile applications; digitally re-create cultures lost in the past; create new digital interactive worlds; explore emerging new emerging forms of media; learn management and business aspects of the rapidly changing world of media and its technologies; explore the creative side of interactive visualisations; and explore trends like crowdfunding, Big Data, digital humanities, and 3D from a content/business/technology viewpoint.

Visualisation and interaction specialists are the designers and communicators of digital information with emerging media technologies.

Visualisation and interactive media can be taken as a single major; a minor; or combined with another major from the large range of majors offered in the Bachelor of Arts (Humanities) to complement your studies and prepare you for a career in your chosen field.

High achieving students may complete an additional honours year enabling them to undertake their own significant research project.


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