PhD Scholarships in the Biochemistry and Biophysics of Plant Cryogenics
Curtin University

Partial Tuition


Curtin University has two PhD scholarships available for students to participate in the Australian Research Council (ARC) funded project "Advanced cryobanking for recalcitrant-seeded Australian rainforest plants". This project aims to provide fundamental knowledge to target two major impediments to cryostorage of recalcitrant-seeded native species: desiccation sensitivity with relatively large size, and active metabolism and precocious germination. These attributes severely limit the time available for effective use of collected germplasm for long-term storage. A combination of biochemical and biophysical approaches will be used to advance fundamental understanding of the role of cell membrane composition, sugar content, oxidative stress and metabolic function on survival to cryogenic storage. This will allow optimisation of cryopreservation of a wide range of endangered Australian rainforest species. This will enable conservation agencies to greatly enhance their ability to preserve the unique Australian rainforest flora, particularly given current threats due to habitat loss and global warming.

One of the positions will be based primarily at the Biodiversity Conservation Centre, located at Kings Park & Botanic Garden in Perth, while the other position will be based primarily at the Australian Plant Bank, located in the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mount Annan (NSW).

Applicants must enrol as full-time students for the entire duration of the project. A First or Second Class Honours degree (or equivalent) or a Master’s degree in a biological or chemical discipline is essential, preferably with experience in bioanalytical and/or biochemical methods.


Open to All Nationalities

Incoming Doctorate

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Please send your initial expression of interest including CV and transcript to Prof. Ricardo Mancera. Shortlisted applicants will be advised to apply for admission via Curtin Online e-application:

Scholarship is subject to approval of admission at Curtin in the HDR course.