Full Tuition
Application Closed:
December 31, 2017


The program was established to help the undergraduates pursue their study without any expenses in doing their projects/requirements, and to prevent of having disadvantages of scholarship.


Grade Requirement: At least 80% general average on 4th year HS

Any course is allowed


The grantee must have at least a general weighted average of 80% on his fourth year High School:
1. He / She must present a record of excellent performance in his / her event.
2. He / She must be in good physical health.
3. He / She must be able to pass the tryouts conducted before the beginning of the school year.
4. He / She must be willing to undergo training at least three hours a day, even days a week if he / she passes the tryouts.
5. He / She must not be more than 20 years of age if an entering, freshmen, nor more than 24 years old if sophomore or higher.