Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
De La Salle University - Dasmariñas (DLSU-D)

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3-4 years
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Course Description

Conglomeration of various elements of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. It encompasses the fundamental principles, methods, and modern tools for design and implementation of computing systems. The program deals with balanced perspective of both hardware and software elements of computing systems, and their relative design trade-offs and applications. This engineering program builds upon fundamental courses in mathematics, sciences and engineering disciplines to achieve sound and comprehensive solution leading to the discovery of new technological trends in computing. Laboratory experiments are emphasized to provide students with background on experimental designs and simulation techniques. The program will provide topics such as hardware design, VLSI design, embedded systems, computer architecture, networking and operating systems.
The program aims to apply engineering principles and methodologies in the analysis, design, implementation and management of hardware as well as its underlying software and of the integration of both.
The program culminates with a two semester senior design project. The project will let the students experience major design addressing broad range of issues, including technical subjects such as economics, safety as well as ethical and societal considerations.

Career Options
BS in Computer Engineering graduates may work as project manager, project engineer, network systems administrator, network systems manager, network systems engineer, data communications engineer, systems manager, systems engineer, systems analysis, systems analysis designer, technical support engineer, technical support manager, quality assurance engineer, quality assurance manager, test engineer and as technopreneur.

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