Bachelor of Science in Criminology
De La Salle University - Dasmariñas (DLSU-D)

PHP 45,000 (Per Term)
3-4 years
Response rate: 25.8%
Response time: Typically replies within a week

Course Description

This program seeks to promote responsible attitude among students through the assimilation of a noble concept of citizenship and leadership, the understanding of their moral and legal responsibilities to their fellowmen, community, and country; and the development of the ideals, attitudes, and habits needed to become responsible officers.

To prepare the students through excellent training where they gain a solid background on the Philippine Constitution and related laws, master the technical and theoretical aspects of police science, and use modern forensic instruments and police equipment.

Career Options

  • Department Head, Dean, Assistant Head or Dean of School, College or University
  • Director or assistant director; professor or instructor for Review Center of the Board of Criminology
  • Instructor, Professor or Guest Lecturer for Public Safety Academy; Training Institutes; Military Academics or Law Schools
  • President, Vice President or General Manager or Assistant for Private Security and Investigation Agency
  • Manager or Administration Manager or Officer; Operation Officer; Intelligence Officer; Supply Officer; Accounting Officer; Chief Investigator or Investigator; Training Director or Officer; Inspector, Liason Officer
  • Security Consultant and Private Detective for PNP Security Agencies and Guard Supervision Division (PNPSAGSD)
  • Document Examiner; Ballistician; Polygraph Examiner; PNP and NBI Crime Laboratories; Crime Photographer; Forensic Chemist and Fingerprint Specialist Examiner
  • Legal Investigator for Law Offices
  • Bank Signature Verifier
  • Instructor in seminars or training courses conducted by the POEA; TESDA; MARINA; DNV; ABS
  • Credit, Background, or Arson Investigators for Insurance Companies
  • Chief or Assistant Chief Security; Chief or Assistant Chief for Primary business establishments such as 5 star hotels, hospitals, exclusive schools,international airports, public utilities -Meralco, PLDT, MWSS
  • Investigator; Intelligence Officer; Security Officer
  • Special Skilled Instructor that offers short courses on self-defense
  • Discipline Officer
  • Traffic Consultant, Investigator and Officer for Metro Manila Development Authority
  • Senior or Special Investigator or Agent; Human Rights Commission; Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas; Ombudsman; NAPOLCOM;NICA and NSA
  • Full Pledge Agent of the National Bureau of Investigation
  • Operator or proprietor of Gun and Ammunition Store; Shooting Range Facilities
  • Investigative Journalist; Cameramen; Media Practitioner
  • Criminal Sociologist; Psychologist; Criminal Psychiatrist for Penal or Jail Institution
  • Certifier for renewal of license to operate of Security Agency
  • Signatories as attesting professional of Firearms and Explosives Division
  • Safety Officer or Administrator
  • Safety and Security Measures of High-Rise Structural Building
  • Security Consultant; Officer; Escort or Armor Officials
  • Investigative Assessor for Building Permit Section of Local Govt. Units
  • Forensic Chemistry Expert; Examiner; Toxicologis in Law Enforcement Crime Laboratory
  • Document Analyst; Examiner of Land Title, Bureau of Land and Land Registration Authority
  • Correspondence Investigator
  • Chief Narcotic Officer; Assistant; Chief Narcotic Officer;
  • Chief Narcotic Agent
  • Crime Statistician or Analyst
  • Criminal Scientist
  • Police Officer
  • Jail Officer
  • Fire Officer
  • Private Investigator

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