De La Salle University (DLSU) Requirements

2401 Taft Avenue, 1004 Manila Philippines
PHP 37,000 to 225,000


  • Does this mean I will spend two more years in High School?

    Yes. But these two additional years will equip you with skills that will better prepare you for the future, whether it be; Kolehiyo, Trabaho or Negosyo!


    1. Complete the Application process (Step 1) via the OAF accessible here:

      1.1. Registration:  Create an Account using a valid email address to register

      1.2. Upload all Application Documentary Requirements. Please allot reasonable lead time to secure the following requirements/documents and to prepare a clear scanned copy of each (in JPEG format) in time for the Application process deadline.
            1.2.1. Academic Information
         High School ID card with photo or Equivalent valid ID with photo
         Color passport-size photo taken within 6 months, in white background, with neutral facial expression; must not be wearing eyeglasses or color contact lenses, and with ears exposed if religious customs do not prohibit

      1.3. Provide the following information:
            1.3.1. Personal Information
            1.3.2. Contact Details
            1.3.3. Parent/ Guardian Information

      1.4. Accomplish the items on Self-declaration

      1.5. Click the SUBMIT Button

      1.6. Payment of Application Fee
            1.6.1. Pay the non-refundable admission processing fee of PhP600.00 for Filipino citizens (including those who are dual citizens) or PhP 2,500.00 for non-Filipino citizens. The processing fee for graduates of Philippine public high schools is waived. The modes of payment include:
         Over-the-counter deposit at any Metrobank or Union Bank branches nationwide.
         Online Credit Card Payment via MASTERCARD/VISA

      Important Note: A Verification Process shall be conducted following your submission of documents and payment of application fee. A Confirmation email shall be sent to your Registered Email address before you will be given access to print your Test Permit. Please allow seven (7) working days to be able to receive the Confirmation email.
      1.7. Secure On-line Test Permit

    2. Take the DLSU College Admissions Test (Step 2) on the scheduled date, time, and venue as printed on the Test Permit.  All applicants must bring the Test Permit and Student ID (or equivalent valid ID) on testing day. Guidelines and reminders stated on the test permit must be strictly followed.


    A student from another school/college/university who wishes to transfer to the university must meet the following criteria:
    1. Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 85% or its equivalent
    2. Must have no failure in any subject
    3. Must have no incomplete grades
    4. Must have no unofficial dropped subjects


    If an applicant is enrolled in a trimestral system, the midterm grades of the current term are required to be submitted.
    1. Completely fill out the Pre-Application Form ( and submit it together with a photocopy of your Transcript of Records (TOR) or copy of grades issued by the Registrar with the grading system or grade equivalency at the DLSU Enrollment Services Hub, 2nd floor Henry Sy Sr. Hall or email it to [email protected] with Subject Heading: Transfer Application.

    2.1 Print-out of the DTS Status
    2.2 Online Undergraduate application Form
    2.3 Two (2) recommendations (Using the DLSU Recommendation Form) from any two of the following:
    2.4    Three (3) identical passport photographs
    2.5    A photocopy of National Statistics Office (NSO) issued Birth Certificate for Filipino Citizen (or any valid         substitute); ACR/ICR/passport or photocopy of Birth Certificate for non-Filipino Citizen
    2.6    Certificate of Good Moral Character
    Note: For students who studied abroad, a copy of their Transcript of Record (TOR) authenticated by the Philippine Embassy in the country where the school is located must be submitted upon confirmation of enrollment.
    1. Upon evaluation of the Pre-Application form and the TOR, the Office of Admissions and Scholarships will notify the applicant if he/she is qualified to take the admission test. A Document Tracking System (DTS) Number will be provided to the applicant to view/track the status of his/her application. If qualified, the applicant must submit the following to the DLSU Enrollment Services Hub (ESH), 2nd floor Henry Sy, Sr. Hall:
      • Dean
      • Department Head
      • Professor
      • Guidance Counselor
    1. Pay the non-refundable application fee of Php600.00 (Filipino and Dual Citizens) or Php2500.00 (non-Filipino or International students).
    2. Present the Official Receipt to the Enrollment Services Hub (ESH) and secure the Admissions Kit and Test Permit.
    3. Take the transferee admission test on the scheduled date. All applicants must present their test permits on the date of examination.
    4. Results of the exam will be release via registered email address.

    Application dates;
    July - September


    Incoming Freshmen from Private High Schools

    • Certified Correct Secondary Scholastic Record· Two (2) Recommendation Forms from any of the following: (3rd or 4th year High School Subject Teachers/Class Adviser/High School Guidance Counselor
    • Two (2) identical passport photographs
    • A photocopy of National Statistics Office (NSO) Birth Certificate (or any valid substitute) for Filipino Citizens or ACR/ICR/ passport or photocopy of Birth Certificate for non-Filipino Citizens.
    • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) official test results (in lieu of DLSU College Admission Test (DCAT). For specific guidelines criteria for SAT, please click on the following link:
    • High school graduates must submit a photocopy of their 4th year high school report card. (For those who have graduated High School)
    • International student applicants must submit a photocopy of their secondary school Transcript of Records. Upon qualification to DLSU, applicant must secure a Certificate of Eligibility by submitting an authenticated Transcript of Records to the Record Sections of the Department of Education NCR at Misamis St., Bago Bantay, Quezon City, Philippines.

    Incoming Freshmen from Public High Schools
    • Hard copy of the Application Form or printed copy of the Online Application Form
    • Certified Correct Secondary Scholastic Record
    • Three (3) identical photographs or Three (3) photocopies of school identification card

    Graduate Studies
    • Application Form with passport size photo (3.5cm X 4.5cm) with white background. Click here to access the Online Application.
    • Two (2) pcs of recent & identical passport size (3.5cm X 4.5cm) ID pictures with white background for the Exam Permit
    • Original Copy of Transcript of Records (for those who studied in the Philippines) or Philippine Embassy authenticated original copies of Transcript of Records (for those who studied outside the Philippines). View provision issued by the Philippine Department of Education through this LINK
    • Original NSO Birth Certificate issued within the last five years (or any valid substitute)         
    • Photocopy of NSO Certificate of Marriage, for female applicants who changed their names after marriage
    • Transfer Credentials or Honorable Dismissal (for graduates of a university or college in the Philippines other than DLSU). Transfer Credentials, usually issued by the Registrar’s Office, certifies that the applicant has no pending accountability with his or her previous university or college and is eligible for transfer to another educational institution. If the university does not issue a Transfer Credential/Honorable Dismissal, a Certificate of Non-Issuance of Transfer Credentials will be required. The Transfer Credentials is the only document that may be submitted on or before confirmation of enrollment. 
    • Accomplished and Verified Application for Transfer Credentials Form from the Enrollment Services Hub (for DLSU-Manila graduates).
    • Photocopy of Diploma or Original Copy of Certificate of Graduation indicating name of degree and date of graduation (for applicants who earned a college or postgraduate degree outside the Philippines.
    • Two (2) Letters of Recommendation (pdf/101kb). An employed applicant may secure a letter of recommendation from his/her current employer, immediate head or his/her own respective Human Resource Department or its equivalent. Letters of Recommendation may also be obtained from former/current advisers or professors.
    • Personal Statement Containing Academic and Career Objectives (pdf/12kb)
    • Photocopy of research output (for PhD/DBA applicants) and authored publications (for Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing applicants)
    • Philippine Law School Admission Test (PhiLSAT) Certificate of Eligibility for College of Law applicants. Please scroll down to “Program – specific requirements” for more information.
    • Certificate of Employment with job description only for the following programs:
    Doctor in Business Administration: Required years of work experience (5 years)
    Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology: Required years of work experience (1 year)
    Master in Business Administration: Required years of work experience (2 years)
    Master of Science in Marketing: Required years of work experience (2 years)
    Master of Science in Financial Engineering: (2 years)
    Master of Science in Computational Finance: Required years of work experience (2 years)
    Master in Risk and Insurance Management: Required years of work experience (6 months)
    Diploma in Financial Engineering: Required years of work experience (1 year)
    Diploma in Management: Required years of work experience (1 year)

    Program – specific requirements

    *In compliance with the Legal Education Board Memorandum Order No. 7 Series of 2016 requiring the Philippine Law School Admission Test (PhiLSAT) "as a prerequisite for admission to the basic law courses leading to either a Bachelor of Laws or Juris Doctor degree beginning school year 2017 - 2018", please be informed that all DLSU College of Law applicants will be required to take the said test.

    To know more about the LEB – issued Permit for Conditional Admission, please see this LINK.
    • Please take note the the DLSU College of Law will only accept application to its law program every first term of each academic year.
    • Applicants who wish to transfer to the DLSU College of Law will still be asked to take the PhiLSAT since the program requires a fresh start in law education. Moreover, law courses earned from previous schools are not honored/credited in DLSU.
    1. For College of Law Applicants:
      1.1     completion of a Bachelor’s Degree with the minimum number of units on the following courses is required by the Legal Education Board for taking the Bar exam:
      1. three (3) units of Rizal
      2. six (6) units of Math
      3. eighteen (18) units of English
      4. eighteen (18) units of Social Science

      1.2   Philippine Law School Admission Test (PhiLSAT)*
        • Certificate of Eligibility as proof of passing the PhiLSAT
        • Honor Graduate Certificate as proof of exemption from the PhilSAT

    3. For Master of Arts in Communication applicants who have already taken a Communication Theory course, please indicate the year it was taken and append a copy of the course syllabus to your transcript. Applicants with production experience must submit a production portfolio showcasing samples of production skills and output.
    4. PhD and MS in Psychology applicants intending to pursue the Industrial/Organizational track need to be employed upon application and admission to the program and submit a Certificate of Employment from his/her current employer. This certification must be a current and ongoing employment in a corporate organization that is not a family-owned business of the applicant.

    5. Applicants to the PhD in Psychology and PhD in Political Science programs are required to submit a full copy of their master’s thesis.

    6. PhD in Psychology applicants will also be required to submit a photocopy of their bachelor’s transcript.

    7. DBA applicants must submit a master’s thesis or a final paper in a “strategy”-related course.

  • Scholarships Procedure

    1. The student fills out the St. La Salle Financial Assistance Grant Application Form. 
    The online form is accessible from 28 April to 20 May 2017.

    2. The student submits the accomplished documents to the Hub, 2/F Henry Sy, Sr. Hall on or before 20 May 2017, 1700H the printed and notarized application form together with the following requirements:

    • One (1) 2x2 photo taken with the last three (3) months
    • One (1) Recommendation Form for St. La Salle Financial Assistance Grant
    • Vicinity Map Form
    • Photos of Family Residence (i.e. façade of the house/front view, living room, kitchen, and bedroom).
    • Electric bill for the last 3 months
    • Water bill for the last 3 months
    • Telephone bill for the last 3 months
    • Cellular phone bill for the last 3 months (for postpaid plan holder)
    • (If house is owned, NOT mortgaged) Official receipt of realty tax payment for the last year
    • (If house is owned, but mortgaged) Official receipt of housing loan amortization for last 3 months
    • (If residing in an apartment) Official receipt of the rental payment for the last 3 months or certification of monthly rent from the lessor
    • (If parents and other household members are employed) Income Tax Return or Certificate of Employment and Compensation
    • (If parents are NOT employed) Certificate of Exemption from filing of Income Tax Return from the BIR or Certificate of Unemployment from the Municipal/Barangay Hall
    3. The student applicant attaches photocopies of the documents to the application form. Original documents must be presented for verification upon submission of the application. Non-submission of required documents may be considered withholding of information.

    4. The application for financial assistance will not be accepted and processed unless all required documents have been provided.

    5. A card containing the Document Tracking System (DTS) number will be provided to the applicant. The status of the scholarship application may be monitored through the online DTS number. The decision on the application and further instructions will also be indicated in the DTS.

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