Master in Public Management major in Rural Development
Development Academy of the Philippines

(Tuition fee is not stated)
1-2 years

Course Description

Overview the Program

The Masters in Public Management, Major in Rural Development (MPM-RD) is grounded on the recognition that a majority of the country's population occupy the rural areas and that most of these people derive their livelihoods from agriculture or providing livelihood to agricultural and related enterprises. MPM-RD works to strengthen the social policy and rural extension system across the Philippines, thereby fostering the provision of information, training, and other inputs to facilitate the process of ISRD with special focus on the development of smallholder agricultural enterprises, job creation and related rural activities.

The primary target audience of the MPM-RD are current and prospective government employees that are engaged in rural development work. In order to have an impact on agricultural development and rural poverty reduction, MPM-RD relies on making strategic linkages among those responsible for providing the programs, services, policy decisions, and advice to farming, upland and fishing communities to increase their equity, enhance their productivity and to obtain and sustain increased levels of income and food security.

The mode of delivery is through the blended learning approach or combining traditional face to face classroom interaction with online learning. The blended approach combines the social benefits of face to face learning with the flexibility of a distance education that allows students to engage in a 'work-study scheme' wherever they are based. 

Program Competencies

The MPM-RD is envisioned to be a human capital investment by the government with relatively quick returns, and is achieved by designing a content that is practitioner-oriented. The final output of the program is a 'master's thesis' that is action-oriented, targeting rural development projects. It particularly focuses on identifying, evaluating and building agricultural or rural development projects or programs that will create direct results in terms of agricultural productivity while reducing poverty and increasing equity to the farmers and/or fisherfolk. This action-oriented thesis may be adopted by any or the entire concerned partner rural oriented line agencies as one of their interventions in their respective areas of operation or convergence areas. MPM-RD also aims to develop a program with an interdisciplinary framework and a blended approach that will efficiently and effectively contribute to the long-term capacity building of the rural development practitioners from various rural development agencies.

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