School Type Private
Programs33 Courses
Scholarships 6 Programs
Tuition Fees ₱10,000 to ₱20,000per Semestral
Academic CalendarSemestral
Return on investment24 Years Return, 1M Savings in 27 Years



Midwifery Admission Policy


Students who wish to enroll in DMCCF-School of Midwifery are obliged to follow the set rules and regulations, to wit:

A. Incoming Freshmen

1. High school card should have an average of 80% and above;
2. Entrance test score must be 40 or above;
3. Level of competency during interview should be 60% and above;
4. Student must undergo and pass the physical examination.

B. Transferees

All transferee's should undergo the same except for the submission of the High school card. In addition, the transferee shall submit a copy of his/her TOR for evaluation purpose.

College of Computer Sciences Admission Requirements


1.Admission Requirements for New Enrollees

1.1.Photocopy of high school card (Form 138)
1.2.Birth Certificate (SECPA)
1.3.Certificate of good moral character from the high school principal
1.4.Two copies of 2x2 ID picture with collar
1.5.One long brown envelop

2.Admission Requirements for Transferees

2.1.Photocopy of Honorable Dismissal
2.2.Birth Certificate (SECPA)
2.3.Certificate of good moral character
2.4.Informative copy of Official Transcript of Records
2.5.Two copies 2x2 ID picture with collar
2.6.One long brown envelop

Although the college has an open admission policy to new enrollees in recognition of the basic rights of students to education, students with grade point average (GPA) of below 2.75 (77%) will be under provision.
Transferees with grade point average of 2.75 will be assessed considering the level of standard set by the previous college or university.
Provisionally admitted students must attain a grade point average of 2.75 at the end of the semester in order to remove the provisional status. Otherwise, they may be subject for deliberation and may be advised to shift to another program.
A minimum grade point average of 2.75 is required for graduation from Associate in Computer Technology Program.
Associate in Computer Technology graduates must have a minimum grade point average of 2.5 in all basic ITE and mathematics courses to qualify for the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Information Technology, and Information Management programs (junior and senior years).

Graduate School Admission Requirements


Students desiring to take up graduate studies are advised to inquire at the Office of the Graduate School regarding the graduate programs and their academic requirements so as to facilitate admission.
The admission requirements of the Graduate School are as follows:
  • 2 pieces 2x2 picture
  • Honorable Dismissal
  • Informative copy of the Transcript of Records
  • Birth Certificate (NSO authenticated)
  • If married, Marriage Contract ( NSO authenticated)

BS in Accountancy Admission Requirements



1. General average of at least 84%.
2. Passing score in the College entrance examination.
3. Form 138
4. Certificate of Good Moral Character
5. NCSO Authenticated Birth Certificate
6. Two (2) 2 x 2 pictures


1. All transferees from other schools and universities are admitted on probation. Accounting courses taken from other schools will be considered only if the following grades have been obtained by the students.
Accounting 1 and Accounting 2 & 3 – 2.25 (84%) or better
Accounting 4 and higher Accounting courses - 2.25 (84%) or higher.
2. Those with grades lower than stated above will be required to re-enroll the accounting courses involved.
3. Only professional courses in English and Mathematics taken from other schools, with ratings of 2.25 (84%) or better will be credited.
4. Only non-professional courses included in the curriculum taken from other schools with grades of 3.0 (75%-76%) or better will be credited.
5. For students taking up any program under the Business and Management Education of DMC College Foundation who would like to shift to BS Management Accounting, an average grade of 2.25 (84%) from Accounting 1 and Accounting 2 & 3 is required provided he/she has no grade lower than 2.25 (84%) in both accounting courses. Students who incurred a grade lower than the cut-off grade requirements may be allowed to re-enroll the course.
6. Only students entering in their third or lower years may be admitted to the program provided they have complied with the provisions of B1.
7. Transferees should present certificates of good moral character from the school they last attended.

BS in Business Administration Admission Requirements



1. General average of at least 82%.
2. A passing score in the College entrance examination.
3. Form 138
4. Certificate of Good Moral Character
5. NCSO Authenticated Birth Certificate
6. Two (2) 2 x 2 pictures


1. All transferees from other schools and universities are admitted on probation. A student must have a grade of at least 2.5 (82%) in all major courses and other business professional courses. He/she must have no failing grade in any course from his/her previous school. In addition, his/her grade point average in his previous institution must be at least 2.5 (82%) per semester.
2. All transferees must take and pass the College Entrance Examination.
3.Transferees should present Honorable Dismissal from the school last attended.

BS in Criminology Admission Requirements


A. Freshmen

The DMC College of Criminology conforms to the institutional policies on admitting freshmen.

2. Shiftees

A student who intends to shift from any program within the College should obtain a GPA of at least 80%, incur no failing grade in any academic and non-academic subjects, and pass the interview conducted by the Dean or his designate.

3. Transferee

A student from another institution should comply with these requirements:
  • GPA of at least 80%
  • Submission of the following documents: recommendation letters or certification of good moral character, police clearance, transfer credential, certification of grades or transcript marked “for evaluation purposes only.”
  • Undergo interview conducted by the Dean or his designate
  • Pass the entrance examination
4. Other requirements (for freshmen)

Male applicants should at least be 1 meter and 62.5 centimeters in height. Female applicants should be 1 meter and 57.5 centimeters. Male applicants should not have long hair, tattoo, moustache or beard; and must not wear earrings.
5. Other requirements (for upper-classmen)
  • Police clearance every first semester during enrollment
  • Photocopy of complete set of class cards from the previous semester (original classcards must be shown)
  • Prescribed haircut
  • Hair non-dyed
  • No tattoo/s
  • No earrings (male)
  • No beard/moustache
  • In case a student fails in one or two courses (academic or non-academic), a corresponding one or two courses will be deducted from the scheduled number of courses to be enrolled in the succeeding semester/ term

Bachelor of Law Admission Requirements



All incoming freshmen Bachelor of Law students should comply with the following requirements:
Under DECS Memorandum No. 27 series of 1989 on Policies and Standard for Legal Education and DECS No. 46 series of1998, the requirements for law program are as follows:
1. Applicant-student must be a graduate of a bachelor’s degree
2. Applicant-student must have 12 units in English, 6 units in mathematics and 18 units in social science.


a.The applicant-student must be a graduate of a bachelor’s degree
b.In addition, the college requires every applicant to undergo and pass the entrance examination and present the following credentials:
i. Transcript of Records
ii. Certificate of Eligibility into the Law Program (C1) from the Registrar where he has obtained the baccalaureate degree.
iii. Honorable dismissal for non-DMC graduates
iv. Certificate of good moral character


a. A student in the College should have a grade of 3.0 in order to pass the subject
b. Any grade below 3.0 will be computed as 5.0
c. Must properly demonstrate proper behavior that is expected of a student in the College of Law
d. In all matters pertaining to grades, the decision of the Dean is deemed final

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School Overview

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Dipolog Medical Center College Foundation started in 1974  as an expansion program of Dipolog Medical Center Inc. It was granted acknowledgement and recognition by the Securities and Exchange Commission on January 24, 1994. 

At present, DMC offers twenty-one Bachelors Degree programs; four Associate programs; sixteen Vocational Courses and Graduate program course. They also provide a DepEd new basic education program managed by La Salle. It offers Academic Tracks and Technical-Vocational Livelihood tracks. 

DMC College Foundation has been leading institution in healthcare, information technology, service industry and the social sciences in Sta. Filomena, Dipolog City.  Superior in work ethic and skills, the thousands of graduates DMC College Foundation has produced over the years made remarkable contributions to the health care workforce and to other fields in the locality, in other regions, and even in other parts of the globe,. DMC College Foundation sees an opportunity to grow amidst challenges, the very attitude it inculcates among its students.


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  • Fr. Nicasio Y. Patangan Road, Sta. Filomena Dipolog City Zamboanga Del Norte 7100

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