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Programs14 Courses
Scholarships 1 Programs
Academic CalendarSemestral
Batch size120
Return on investment8 Years Return, 1M Savings in 12 Years
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School Overview

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Dominican College was founded in the 1920's by the Dominican Sisters as the Academia de Santa Catalina teaching young children lessons in Catechesis and Kindergarten. The school changed its name to Colegio de Jesus Maria in 1947, until it was renamed as the Dominican College through the Congregational Statute defining the name Dominican College to be the official name of all congregational-run-schools.

Dominican College currently offers undergraduate programs in Mass Communication, Computer Science, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Commerce, Tourism, Nursing, Psychology, and Physical Therapy. It also has grade school and high school departments.

Dominican College continues its vision of being one of the top Catholic schools in the country. This is evident in the number of awards and recognition it received throughout the years including an award as the Overall Champion in the 2017 Top Performing Schools for the High School Division in San Juan City.
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Admission Policies
  • New students/ transferees should have satisfactory grade in all subjects.
  • Non-Catholics are accepted provided the parents/ guardian will sign a waiver stating their willingness to allow their daughter to participate in all religious activities and practices.
  • Applicants with incomplete requirements will be considered temporarily enrolled.
  • Re-admission of old students shall be subject to the approval of the administration.
  • Transferees (Grades 2 to Fourth Year HS) are placed on probationary status.
  • HS applicants shall undergo a preliminary interview with the Guidance Counselor.

Pre-School Age Requirement
  • Junior - Kinder
    4 to 4 ½ old by September of the academic year
  • Senior - Kinder
    5 to 5 ½ old by September of the academic year

Admission Requirements 
  • 2 photocopies of Birth Certificate
  • 2 photocopies of Baptismal Certificate
  • 3 pcs (1 x 1) ID pictures
  • Original and 2 photocopies of Report Card
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Application and Testing Fee
  • Health Record Form
  • 2 Recommendation Letters for HS applicants only (Class Adviser and Guidance Counselor)
  • Alien certificate of registration (for foreigner only)

  1. Submit the requirements to the Guidance Center
  2. Secure clearance then pay the examination fee at the Treasurer’s Office.
  3. Go back to the Guidance Center to fill up the application forms and get the examination permit.
  4. Take the examination on the specified date and time.
  5. Release of results follows.
  6. Submit for an interview with one of the parents and submit all other requirement(s) (if incomplete)
  7. Go through the enrolment procedure

Enrollment Procedure
  1. Present Form 138 (Report Card) to the Registrar’s Office to secure enrolment form.
  2. Affix signatures needed in the Enrolment Form then proceed to the Treasurer’s Office.
  3. Pay the required school fees at the Treasurer’s Office.
  4. Secure Admission Card (issued together with the Official Receipts).
NOTE: Admission card should be submitted on the first day of classes to the Class Adviser.

Guidelines on Fees and Modes of Payment
  1. Students must settle all financial obligations before taking the periodical examinations. The examination permit is issued by the School Treasurer after the student has settled all accounts or has made special arrangement on the matter. THESE HAVE TO BE SETTLED TWO DAYS BEFORE THE EXAMINATIONS.
  2. Cheques other than manager’s, PLDT’s, Meralco’s and Educational Plan’s are NOT ACCEPTABLE.
  3. Payments in cheques will not be considered official until the cheque has been cleared with the bank concerned.
  4. Table of tuition and miscellaneous fees is posted at the Treasurer’s Office before and during the enrolment period for guide.
  5. Payment plans are devised as follows:
    • PLAN A - CASH
      100% tuition fee to be paid during enrolment
      1. Initial payment – 25% tuition fee to be paid during the enrolment
      2. Subsequent payment due last week of September
      1. Initial payment – 15% tuition fee
      2. Subsequent payments are to be paid in 7 equal installments on the first week of each month from July to January.

Tuitions / Fees


PHP 54,000


Basketball Court
Outdoor Pool
Volleyball Court
Badminton Court
Table Tennis Court
Computer Lab
Chemistry Lab
Biology Lab
Physics Lab
Aircon Classrooms
Av Rooms

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  • 179 F. Blumentritt St., San Juan City

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