Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engnieering (BS EcE)
Don Bosco Mandaluyong (Don Bosco Technical College)

PHP 25,000 (Per Term)
3-4 years
Response rate: 41.1%
Response time: Typically replies within two weeks
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Course Description

A degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering develops the student’s knowledge and skills in planning  and design, and implementation of new systems, processes, procedures and products In the fields of

  1. Telecommunications-telephone, data communications, networking; microwave/satellite/ optical  fiber communications.
  2. Computers- programming , interfacing , networking;
  3. Instrumentation and telemetry
  4. Automation, feedback, process control, robotics and
  5. Industrial Electronics
Student learning is based on the  electronics and communications engineering aspects of mathematics, physics and electronics, computing and management fundamentals. In the electronics, computer and telecommunications industries, career opportunities include the operation and maintenance of communications systems , sales and marketing , management and supervision, planning and design engineering, manufacturing and production and research and development.

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