Bachelor of Science in Entreprenuership (BS Entrep)
Don Bosco Mandaluyong (Don Bosco Technical College)

PHP 23,000 (Per Term)
3-4 years
Response rate: 41.1%
Response time: Typically replies within two weeks
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Course Description

The B.S.  in Entrepreneurship progam is designed to assist the student in developing  management skills and behaviors necessary to effectively start, grow, and sustain a business venture. The program  focuses on courses in developing business plans and strategies, managing and obtaining  resources, selecting managers and employees, organizing and designing the business, managing technology and dealing with a variety of entrepreneurial challenges. As a professional field, Entrepreneurship opens a wide variety of career options. Graduates are often in demand by growth-oriented companies wanting to incorporate entrepreneurial vision and innovation in their firms, as well as companies seeking individuals with the ability to solve business problems creatively and to improve productivity. But most importantly, a degree in Entrepreneurship provides the needed skills in starting a  business  venture working with others to identify new business opportunities, joining entrepreneurial ventures, or working in family or small businesses.

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