AP Capstone
Enderun Colleges

PHP 307,500 (Per Term)
1-2 years

Course Description

The Advance Placement is a diploma program offering rigorous academic and skills training to prepare students for success in higher education and beyond.
The Enderun Colleges Senior High School is one of the only two educational institutions in the country to provide students with the option of taking this globally recognized and internationally aligned program.

The Enderun Colleges Senior High School is one of the only two educational institutions in the country to provide students with the option of taking this globally recognized and internationally aligned program.
Developed by the American organization The College Board, the Advanced Placement Capstone Program (AP) features two essential year-long courses: AP Seminar and AP Research.
The courses allow students to focus on a topic of interest and develop the relevant critical and analytical skills in order to address a wide array of issues and considerations in the academe and in the industry, both locally and globally.
Taken in the first year, AP Seminar is a project-based course that challenges students to examine topics from a multidisciplinary perspective, appraise sources of knowledge, and craft arguments for proposed solutions.
In the subsequent AP Research course, students utilize their newly acquired skills from AP Seminar and go through the rigors of academic research, from design and execution to presentation and communication for impact.
The AP Research course enables students to develop their understanding of research methodology and ethics, as well as the collection, evaluation, analysis, and synthesis of information and findings to produce meaningful contributions to the existing body of knowledge.
Upon completion of the courses together with the Advance Placement Program Examinations, students enter higher education fully prepared for academic achievement and grounded in the realities outside the school environment.

By selecting this track, students graduate with a diploma from Enderun Colleges Senior High School and an AP Capstone Diploma. Four elements distinguish the Enderun Senior High School Program:
1. The curriculum design features the AP Capstone program and Enderun’s world-class training. The AP Capstone program helps develop students’ content and research skills within a culture of research and academic excellence. Our students undergo training to achieve success in college and beyond.
2. The faculty is composed of leaders in their respective industries and in the academe. Each member is trained specifically to employ the best approach in implementing the AP Program. Digital platforms play a vital role in the lesson delivery and management, in keeping with the world’s digital transformation.
3. The Enderun Senior High School Program leverages Enderun Colleges’ network of over 800 global industry partners, which affords students the opportunity to integrate with their future workplace. AP Capstone further adds to the already robust international distinction of our graduates.
4. The school is appointed with facilities at par with industry standards.
At Enderun Colleges, students enjoy comprehensive academic support by providing them access to world-class learning environments, diverse student organizations, and excellent career guidance.

source: https://www.enderuncolleges.com/study-at-enderun/senior-high-school/advance-placement-program-manila/

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