Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Enderun Colleges

(Tuition fee is not stated)
3-4 years

Course Description

The business world has changed dramatically in the last decade as globalization has made the management of businesses more complex and demanding. Companies around the world are in need of managers who can operate in a borderless and multicultural environment. Enderun believes that most traditional business programs do not sufficiently prepare students for the global nature of today’s business environment. The Enderun business program has a global business theme at its core, shaping the content of its courses, teaching methods, industry partnerships, and internships. Graduates of the Enderun College of Business will have developed an international outlook on life and will be equipped with the skills to start building a global career.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration has five majors:

1. Financial Management

The Specialization in Wealth Management develops skills in financial management in a global context, uniquely preparing graduates for careers in wealth management, an emphasis not available elsewhere. Finance students are exposed to capital and financial markets, asset valuation, and investment portfolio management as well as fundamental concepts in behavioral finance and financial risk management.

2. Marketing Management

The Specialization in Digital Marketing prepares its graduates to craft effective, relevant, and modern marketing executions by arming them with a practical understanding of buyer behavior, advertising, professional selling and contemporary CRM-Customer Relationship Management.

3. Operations Management

The Specialization in Operations Management trains students in professional consulting, especially in process improvement and management for multinational business enterprises.

4. Technology Management

The Specialization in Business Technology Management will help bridge the gap between business and technology departments of an organization in any industry. This program produces forward-thinking graduates with the knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship and technical innovations, necessary to become project leaders and managers any organization.

5. Sustainability

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Sustainability aims to cultivate the next generation of leaders to make business decisions with environmental and social responsibility in mind. The course integrates sustainability in every aspect of a business – from strategy and planning, to product development and distribution. It enables students to understand core management skills, while learning to identify appropriate sustainable solutions with a substantial and profitable end goal.

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