Bachelor's Degree in Architecture
Enderun Colleges

(Tuition fee is not stated)
5 years

Course Description

Architecture doesn’t just shape the physical space around us–it sculpts the way that we think, learn, and develop. Spearheaded by industry experts, Enderun Colleges’ Bachelor of Science in Architecture combines the best of design theory and art appreciation with practical application and hands-on frameworks. True to the Enderun rationale, graduates are expected to create designs that are efficient, aesthetically sound, and of international calibre.

The program puts an emphasis on professional output and application, giving students not just the skills to design and create but also equipping them with the ability to discuss and articulate their architectural philosophies and methods. They are given the lay of the land in architecture vis a vis the world of business and advanced technology. Geared towards efficient planning, sustainability and utilizing technology to build better infrastructure, this program offers education that hones an understanding of design approaches, application of research and innovation that support human behavior within an environment.

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