General Academic Strand (GAS)
Enderun Colleges

PHP 250,000 (Per Term)
1-2 years

Course Description

Unlike ABM and HumSS strands that are designed for specific disciplines, the General Academic Strand (GAS) is designed for those who are undecided in their career goals. In GAS, students will take different elective subjects coming from different disciplines to give them a taste of how it feels to be both businessmen and social scientists or writers. Enderun GAS offers a combination of ABM and HumSS electives. Students will experience the quality of Enderun’s business instructions and at the same time learn creativity and ingenuity.

Students who are undecided in their career path. Those who are torn between taking Business courses or Social Science courses in college can use this time to determine their future preferences.

Students who are interested in taking Enderun’s GAS will have the opportunity in having 2 college classes credited if they enroll in Enderun’s college courses.


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