Bachelor of Science in Architecture (Building Construction, Housing Design and Urban Design Tracks)
Far Eastern University (FEU Manila)

(Tuition fee is not stated)
5 years
Response rate: 65.7%
Response time: Typically replies within months
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Course Description

The Bachelor of Science in Architecture program is a 5-year program that trains future architects to develop their artistic, creative and technical talents and skills in planning, design and construction vis-a-vis current trends in the architectural industry.
The Certificate of Architectural Interiors is granted after completion of all prescribed courses until the second year. The Certificate in Drafting Technology and CAD and Certificate in Building Technology and Utilities are granted after completion of all prescribed courses until the fourth year. These certificates are awarded as part of the Five-Year Ladder Type Curriculum for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Architecture.
For applicants to BS Architecture and Fine Arts:

  • In order to qualify for 2nd year Architecture and Fine Arts, students should pass the qualifying and skills test to be given during their freshman year.
  • Transferees need to pass an aptitude test prior to admission to Architecture or Fine Arts.
  • Only transferees with above average ratings in the FEU-CAT will be evaluated for admission to BS Architecture.

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