Master of Science in Biology
Far Eastern University (FEU Manila)

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1-2 years
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Course Description

Program Description

The Master of Science degree in Biology program is a multi-disciplinary program that allows students advanced study in several traditional and non-traditional areas of biology. The Master of Science in Biology herein is structured as a generalized framework for biological study with the end view of grounding students on the fundamental concepts, principles, and theories of biological sciences and introducing them to the conduct of biological research. This program provides advanced theoretical and practical training in application of cellular and molecular biology, microbiology, genetics, developmental biology, physiology, ecology, evolution and systematics zoology through lectures, workshops, seminars, extended projects and directed study. Students gain training in research methodology in molecular biology and have the opportunity to undertake major individual research. It provides students with the necessary skills to analyze and understand the scientific research, industries, health and educational institutions.

Career Opportunities

Master of Science in Biology is designed to broaden the students’ knowledge and skills enabling them to be prepared in the following careers, occupations or trades that the graduates of the M.Sc. Biology program may go into.

  • The graduate program provides students with opportunities for intensive research and classroom training in focused areas of science.
  • Engaged in basic and applied research where they can be employed as researchers or biological laboratory technicians in government agencies, museums, zoos and aquaria and private organizations.
  • The graduate can also go into industrial research work involving product development, management or inspection particularly in agriculture, biotechnology, food and nutrition, pharmaceutical and other health care related industries.
  • Master’s degree in Biology provides a foundation to pursue veterinary, dental or medical school paths, in addition to positions in research and development, laboratory testing, instruction, production, and quality control.
  • Graduate may also be engaged in biology-based industries such as production, food science and technology, public lectures and seminar-workshops, writing science articles in journals and books, and collection, preservation and sale of biological specimens.
  • The program qualifies one to work as a professor or researcher in a college or university.

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