BA in Theology
Febias College of Bible

(Tuition fee is not stated)
3-4 years

Course Description

BA in Theology is designed to provide biblical, theological, and historical methods study which prepare students for full-time Christian ministry with the ordination mind. It is the study to enhance spirituality and ministerial life and to develop the awareness and acceptance of the Bible as the word of God.

Majors offered in this college:

  • Church Music Conducting
    The Bachelor of Arts in Theology major in Music Conducting trains students in the technicalities of music conducting to become skillful music conductors in the church.
  • Church Music Education
    Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts in Theology major in Church Music Education can work either in the music ministry or as teachers in schools.
  • Christian Education
    Students of the Bachelor of Arts in Theology Major in Christian Education are equipped with the skills to teach the Bible, to incorporate biblical values in different classes, to develop curriculum and lesson materials, and to carry out the educational program of the church. Graduates can have careers as Christian educators, Bible teachers, or church-school administrators.
  • Missions
    The Bachelor of Arts in Theology major in Missions program prepares students who want to represent the church as missionaries, church planters, pastors, or teachers. They are trained with the essential knowledge and skills to do missions in both local and foreign communities.
  • Pastoral Studies
    The Bachelor of Arts in Theology major in Pastoral Studies is for students who want to become pastors who teach and manage the church. There are courses that give them opportunities to experience ministry in different churches and with various groups of people.

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