IGS Scholarship
Hiroshima University

Partial Tuition


The Department of Integrated Global Studies (IGS) offer full or partial scholarship opportunities to international students enrolled in IGS bachelor’s program to help student succeed academically.

All these scholarship programs are offered to students who do not have Japanese nationality and will enter Japan with a valid “Ryugaku” student visa. Some scholarships are not available for those who already live or study in Japan as international students.
Successful applicants who possess a nationality other than Japanese and have Ryugaku student visas, including those who have initiated the application process are eligible for the first-year IGS Scholarship. The scholarship amount is ¥300,000 (one-time award).

From the 2nd year onward, scholarship recipients and the amount of the scholarships will be determined based on students’ academic records and financial circumstances.

* This scholarship information is valid only for newly enrolled students in 2020. The scholarship for students enrolled in and after 2021 is subject to change.


Open to All Nationalities


  • Must possess a nationality other than Japanese
  • Must have a Ryugaku student visa

Source: https://www.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/en/igs/fees-scholarships

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