Diploma in Culinary and Kitchen Management with Australian Certificate III in Culinary Arts
International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management - Pampanga

PHP 360,000 (Per Term)
Less than a year
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Course Description

This course provides students with fundamental knowledge and skills in modern and classical food preparation. It includes competencies such as cooking hot and cold meals, preparing, portioning and plating dishes as well as product knowledge and kitchen management. Completing this course will qualify the students as a "Chef in International cuisines (Western, Asian, and Mediterranean among others)". It is recommended for students wishing to obtain employment in local and international hotels and restaurants. 

Graduates earn the following certifications:

  • ISCAHM Diploma
  • TESDA National Certificate II in Cookery
  • Australian Certificate III in Culinary 

The Australian Certificate III is issued by our partner, Culinary Solutions Australia. This certificate is recognized by the Australian government and all members of the Commonwealth Nations. This opens gates of unparalleled opportunities, expands the horizons for ISCAHM graduates and helps gain overseas employment.
Over the years, ISCAHM has successfully produced professional chefs who hold positions as high as Executive Chef in reputable institutions here and abroad.

Tuition & fees (including ingredients, chef's jacket, uniform, etc): Php360,000 for the whole program


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