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Course Description


Bartending NC II
 is a technical-vocational program that develops the skills of students in the preparation and mixing of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Student are taught the basics/characteristics of different alcoholic beverages, appropriate tools and glassware to be used and how to serve drinks.


  • Must be 18 yrs old & above
  • At least High School Graduate or ALS Passer
  • Physically Fit

Requirements :

High School Diploma 
 •  Certified True Copy of Form 137
 •  Brgy Clearance
 •  Birth Certificate
 •  Photocopy of any Valid ID
 •  ID Picture:  6 pcs 1x1
                      6 pcs Passport size
     All pictures must have nameplate  
     White background in   
     Formal attire
 •  Long Plastic Envelope

Career Opportunities for Bartending graduates
  • Bar Utility – responsible for supporting bar operations, ensuring an adequate supply of alcohol and mixers, clean glasses, ice, and garnishes in all bar venues; and maintaining the cleanliness of all bar areas, glassware, and equipment
  • Bartender – a person who serves alcoholic beverages; responsibilities include maintaining supplies and inventory for the bar and mixing a variety of cocktails
  • Sommelier – a waiter who specializes in wine selection and serving.

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