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Kobe University (also known as Shindai) is a public university in Kobe, Japan. The university's origin can be traced back to the establishment of Kobe Higher Commercial School in 1902. The university underwent several changes in its name until it was merged with Hyogo Normal School in 1949. This merging led to the creation of Kobe University. Today, the university is known as one of the leading schools in economics and commerce.

Kobe University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs. The university provides degree programs in Humanities, Intercultural Studies, Human Development and Environment, Law, Business Administration, Science, Medicine, Health Sciences, Engineering, System Informatics, Agricultural Science, Maritime Sciences, International Cooperation Studies. These programs are offered in the four campuses of Kobe University: Rokkodai, Kusunoki, Myodani, and Fukae. The Rokkodai (main) is the biggest campus of the university and houses nine out its eleven faculties.
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  • Applicants must be foreign nationals who do not hold Japanese nationality and have successfully completed 12 years of school education or the equivalent. Those who are expected to graduate by March 31 of the year they are entering are also eligible.
  • Those who have taken “Examinations for Japanese University for International Students EJU” and the examinations conducted by each Faculty, and earned sufficient scores required by the Faculty.
    *Since most undergraduate classes are taught in Japanese, an advanced level of Japanese language skill is required in order to be enrolled as undergraduate students. Many degree-seeking international undergraduate students first study Japanese courses at private language schools before entering Kobe University.

  1. Obtain Application Information and Application Forms - Application information is available on the Faculty’s website and also on the website of Japan Study Support. However in order to apply, applicants have to obtain the original application forms. Each Faculty distributes application forms at certain period usually once a year. Applicants can obtain application forms by requesting by post. When requesting by post, be sure to enclose a return envelope with the necessary stamp attached to the Student Affairs Section of the respective Faculty.
    * The return envelope should be a size that can enclose an A4-size Legal size without folding the forms.
    * Please attach the necessary amount of stampage to the return envelope.
  2. Apply - The application period is in late January. Send the Student Affairs Section of the respective faculty the necessary application materials by post. Must reach by the deadline, late arrival would not be considered for admission.
  3. Take the Examination - All examinations are conducted in late February at Kobe University. Applicants should make arrangement to come to Kobe at this time.
    *Applicants must take the designated subjects of EJU Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students prior to taking the Kobe University entrance examinations.
  4. Acceptance - In early March, applicants will receive an admission notice and other information by post if they passed the examination. Applicants who failed the examination will not receive the notice. If accepted, applicants must make the payment of admission fee by bank transfer, and submit the necessary documents.
  5. Prepare for Coming to Japan - In order to enter Japan, international students must have a passport and a “College Student Visa”.
  6. After Arriving in Japan - Come to Kobe University during the designated period to complete the necessary entrance procedures. Participate in New Student Orientation. Pay the required tuition fee.




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