Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management Major in Culinary Science
La Consolacion College Manila (LCCM)

PHP 36,000 (Per Term)
3-4 years
Response rate: 12.0%
Response time: Typically replies within a month

Course Description

The program is designed to prepare students to develop basic and advanced culinary arts skills attainable from the techniques of classical cuisine, marketing, and food and beverage management that are essential for a successful career in the culinary arts industry.
The student will develop a professional vocabulary of terms related to food and its preparation. Learn foodservice management principles and applications including: menu development, food costing, ordering and inventory, and staff scheduling and management.
Job Opportunities
Our graduates of IHM will be geared to be in various departments in the Hospitality industry such as Food & Beverage, Front Desk, Culinary, Events Planner and Operations. In addition, our graduates will be able to manage the different components of the organization such as Sales, Marketing, Human Resource, and Finance. Those students who have completed the Tourism program will be able to learn about the travel and airline business. 

  1. Hotels (Deluxe, First Class, Standard, Economy)
  2. Restaurants (Fine-dining, Semi-Casual, Theme Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Bars),
  3. Resorts
  4. Cruise Lines
  5. Academe & Culinary Schools and other fields which are Hospitality Related.
  6. Foodservice Facilities - Bartender, Barista, Food Attendant, Cashier, Receptionist, Management-Trainee, Shift/Dining Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Area Manager, Quality Assurance Auditor
  7. Kitchen Brigade - Chef, Sous Chef, Chef de Partie
  8. Lodging Facilities - Concierge/Front Desk/Housekeeping Staff / Manager, Banquet Coordinator, F&B Manager/Director, Resident Manager
  9. Foodservice and Lodging Business - Catering, Bakeshop, Restaurants, Bar, Spa
  10. Other Hospitality - Related - Ground/Flight Stewardess, Tour Agent/Coordinator, Professor/Instructor/Consultant
Accreditation Status:
One of the few schools that provides PACUCOA Level II Accredited BSHRM program

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