Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
La Consolacion College Manila (LCCM)

PHP 36,000 (Per Term)
3-4 years
Response rate: 12.0%
Response time: Typically replies within a month

Course Description

he Bachelor of Science in Information Technology ( BSIT) program is designed to train students in the use of specific technologies. Students are expected to learn how to design and install networks e.g. a Novell system, or to program in Visual Basic, Fox Pro, Oracle Database, or to create a homepage, or to write a Java applet. The curriculum covers the breadth of core information technology subjects, including work related areas like professional ethics and quality consciousness. All these courses train students in the installation, maintenance, operation and management of information systems. In view of the predominant application of these specific IT technologies to business and industry, the BSIT curriculum includes core business subjects covering the four functional areas - Marketing, Finance, Operations and Human Resource and integrating courses e.g. Business Policy and Strategy.
The BSIT program offers two specializations: 

  • Computer Information Systems (BSIT-CIS) 
  • E - Commerce (BSIT-EC)
Students take 9 units for each track during the senior year
LCCM provides these specific technologies through partnership with and acquisition of some of the world's leading IT software providers and their products such as ORACLE, Microsoft, NOVELL and SUN Microsystems.
Career Opportunities:
Because Information technology has become an essential part of any organization's life, careers in computer are booming. Businesses are looking for people who can utilize computers to improve business operations. Career opportunities for BSIT graduates are available in practically all sectors of the corporate environment, including the banking sector, retail entities, government agencies, academic institutions, consulting firms and manufacturing companies. Computer professionals can be found in almost all areas of operations finance, manufacturing, marketing, personnel, accounting, auditing, purchasing, distribution and in the Information Technology department as well.
BSIT graduates are typically employed as systems analysts, management information system specialists, systems designers, database designers, database administrators and project managers. With the advent of internet technology, BSIT graduates have the best training in e-commerce as web page designers.

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