Certificate in Applied Music, Piano, Voice, Guitar, Violin and Wind Instruments
La Consolacion College Manila (LCCM)

(Tuition fee is not stated)
1-2 years
Response rate: 12.0%
Response time: Typically replies within a month

Course Description

The School of Music expects its graduates to:

  1. Became aware on the state of Philippine music in particular and Philippine culture in general. They are expected to be future leaders in the preservation of Philippine traditions and customs.
  2. Acquire total musical education and fine musical taste through practical, traditional and historical studies.
  3. Promote high quality fine music that will inspire the youth to become morally upright citizens with sound attributes.
  4. Develop competency, efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of music instructions in both the Elementary and Secondary levels.
  5. Discover and develop potential musical talents who may later become assets in the field of music and to the nation as a whole.
  6. Participate actively in civic and cultural affairs and thus contribute to the goals of national development.
  7. Revive, activate and enhance Philippine music and culture by becoming effective leaders and members of the fine music profession.

Employment Opportunities

Approximate member of music graduates annually from different music schools in the country is less than fifty so that music teachers are so much in demand that even undergraduates area already hired and employed as mentors in both public and private schools. Music organizations like symphony orchestras, military city and municipal bands, professional choral and instrumental groups and ensembles, church and other religious organizations are other sources of employment. They are hired as singers, pianist, organist, instrumentalist, impresarios, and conductors. Some devote their time to teaching applied music individually while others perform in theaters, parks, hotels and restaurants here and abroad.

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