Humanities and Social Science Strand (HUMSS)
Mapua University - Manila

PHP 89,692 (Per Term)
1-2 years
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Course Description

Designed to effectively prepare students who seek to pursue a college degree in liberal education, HUMSS will be about a variety of subjects, looking at the world and its people from various points of view. They will learn about ideas and beliefs that have guided human beings and shaped civilizations for thousands of years. The learning activities are directed towards the development of critical thinking. They will take introductory courses, which will give them a wide knowledge of subjects and will guide them later on in choosing their major discipline. SHS students can pursue any of the undergraduate programs identified under this strand:

AB Psychology (PSYA)
BS Psychology (PSYB)
BS Technical Communication (TCB)
BS Education Technology (EDT)

(Tuition fee stated above is for the full payment)

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