Air Lift Asia Scholarship
Mapua University - Manila

Full Tuition
Needs-based, Context-based


For incoming freshmen who must take and pass a battery of qualifying examinations.


Grade Requirement: at least 2.5 GWA

Open to all nationalities

Incoming College

Any course is allowed

Any gender

For any marital status


The applicant must not be an only child. He/she must have one or more siblings that his/her parents are sending to school. Applicant’s parents’ and siblings’ combined income must not exceed PhP250,000 per year. 

The applicant must have the sincere intention of pursuing and completing his/her college studies at MAPUA. Likewise his/her parents must issue a warrant that they will keep their child enrolled at MAPUA until he/she completes his/ her college course.

For applicants beyond first year, he/she must have completed his/ her previous year at
MAPUA with a Grade Weighted Average (GWA) of 2.50 or higher for the last two terms with no grade lower than 3.00.

The applicant must be enrolled with a minimum of twelve (12) units per term unless the applicant is on his/ her last term prior to graduation.