Mapua University - Manila

Full Tuition


A scholarship program granted by Megaworld Foundation for incoming 1st-3rd year college students who passed the Mapua Scholastic Aptitude Exam with at least 70% of score. This scholarship program should not be taken along with other program from other entities. Students who are entitled with the grant will not only receive a full tuition fee discount but also 3,125 pesos allowace per term.


Grade Requirement: at least 2.5 GWA

Strictly for Filipinos only

Incoming College

Specific courses only

Any gender


  • Completed Scholarship Application From (Downloadable at MIT website)
  • Two 2x2 ID pictures
  • Photocopy of Certificate of Matriculation (CM)
  • Photocopy of Final Grade Report since 1st Year
  • Photocopy of Latest Income Tax Return of Parents or Affidavit of Not Filing Income Tax Return
  • Certificate of Good Moral from Office of the Prefect
  • Certificate of Good Health
  • Brief essay stating the reasons why the applicant should be awarded with Scholarship Grant