Athletic Scholarship
Miriam College

Full Tuition


This is given to placers in the athletic try-outs for varsity players or athletes who are currently enrolled in Miriam College.

Recommendation for discount percentage is based on the following requirements:

  • 100% Tuition Fee discount 

    Given to student-athletes who receive special awards such as Most Valuable Player, member of the Mythical Selection, from the tournament organizers and anyone from among the champion team with the highest CQPA
  • 25% Tuition Fee Discount

    Given student-athletes who are selected as members of the Mythical Team
  • 25% Tuition Fee discount per semester

    Given to 3 student-athletes per team based on the following conditions: No failing grade in any of her enrolled subject, must maintain at least a CQPA of not lower than 3.0, should not have more than one (1) major offense, must regularly attend trainings and games, with established financial need and must be recommended by the head coach, endorsed by the Athletic Coordinator and approved by the Officer for Student Affairs.
  • 2-Unit discount

    Given to student-athletes who are part of the competing team


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