Mathematics and Statistics - Bachelor of Science
Murdoch University

(Tuition fee is not stated)
3-4 years

Course Description

Mathematical and statistical skills are highly desirable across a broad range of industries and fields, and the demand for graduates proficient in data analysis and modelling is likely to increase with the explosion in data due to new technologies and the Internet. By studying Mathematics and Statistics, you will learn to develop a flexible outlook, a range of technical skills and a deep understanding of how mathematics and statistics are applied in a variety of contexts.

You can focus on mathematical modelling, which covers methods and applications in the physical, environmental and life sciences and engineering, or applied statistics exploring the life and health sciences, the environment, commerce and industry. You can also combine units from both areas.

Mathematics and Statistics will train you for a range of careers in banking, insurance, research and development, industry and government, within the areas of computing, industrial mathematics, statistics and biostatistics. You could also work in law, the health sciences, teaching and engineering when combined with studies in those areas.

To expand your expertise and career prospects even further, you can combine this course with another major. Recommended double majors include Biological Sciences, Biomedical Science, Chemistry, Computer Science/Information Technology, Economics, Environmental Science, Physics and Nanotechnology or Psychology.

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  • Location

    • Perth Campus or external
  • Mid-year Intake

    • Mid-year start available (Domestic students)
    • Mid-year start available (International students)
  • School

    • School of Engineering and Information Technology
  • Study Area(s)

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