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National Teachers College offers a K-12 program that’s accessible to all, developing young children to be holistic learners as they prepare for elementary, secondary, or tertiary education.

Nursery & Kinder
Our Early Elementary Education includes Nursery for children aged three years old, Kindergarten I for four-year-old kids, and Kindergarten II for those who are at least five years old. Our mission is to develop confident and independent learners who are well-prepared for their next stage of schooling.

Our Elementary Department implements the K-12 Enhanced Basic Education Curriculum for Grade I to Grade VI, to produce holistically developed graduates who are ready to take on secondary education.

Junior High School
Our Junior High School Department continues to support the development of our students as they prepare for track-focused learning at the next stage of secondary education.

Senior High School
Our Senior High School Department offers various tracks, including ABM, GAS, HUMSS, STEM, and ICT.

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