School Type Private
Programs2 Courses
Tuition Fees PHP 80,000 to PHP 200,000per Semestral
Academic CalendarSemestral
Batch size120
Return on investment11 Years Return, 1M Savings in 15 Years




Requirements and Procedures


  • High School Graduate or Senior High School Graduate, as applicable, upon enrollment (College Level/graduates are welcome to apply)
  • Filipino, male and single 
  • Not older than 22 years of age upon enrollment
  • At least 5’4 in height, weighs 45-61 kgs
  • Passed the NTMA Recruitment and Selection Process
  • Passed the Medical, Dental, Eye and Neuro Psychological Examinations
  • Does not have asthma of any kind
  • Original Copy of Notarized Physical Fitness Test Waiver (form to be provided via email)
  • Certified True Copy of Grades:
    • For High School Graduate - copy of Grade 11 & 12 report card
    • For College Student - copy of latest grades
  • Photocopy of Vaccination Record during infancy of the ff: BCG, Hepa B/Hepa Booster, Measles, Varicella
  • Original PSA Birth Certificate
  • One (1) pc of passport size ID Picture (collared shirt and white background)
  • One (1) LBC Prepaid Pouch (small) which can be purchased from any LBC Branch
  • (Prepaid pouch must contain: Sender - NTMA; Receiver – Applicant)

Study-Now-Pay-Later Program
  • Duly signed and accomplished SLAF Application Form (form to be provided via email)
  • One (1)  pc passport size ID picture (collared shirt and white background)
  • Photocopy of valid government-issued IDs of both parents
  • Proof of Income of both parents*
  • If not living with parents, Proof of income of guardian*
If Employed - Income Tax Return (ITR). If OFW - Certificate of Employment with compensation (COE). If Unemployed - BIR Tax Exemption Certificate. If Self-Employed or has Own Business - detailed description of the nature of work or business & financial statement of the previous year)

Pre-Enrollment Medical Examination (PEME)
  • One (1) pc 1x1 ID Picture with white background
  • School ID or any valid ID with picture & signature of Applicant
  • Bring / Wear Eyeglasses, if applicable
*PEME is FREE and only cadet-applicants who attended the PEB are allowed to undergo PEME at the Transnational Diagnostic and Medical Center (TMDC) in Intramuros, Manila

  1. Download a Student Application Form from NTMA's website, or visit NTMA's Office of the Registrar in the Administration Building.
  2. Fill-out the Student Application Form and attach a 1.5 x 2 (passport size) white background ID picture.
  3. Check the Schedule of the Entrance Examination in the NTMA Website for changes.
  4. Submit your duly accomplished Application Form to the NTMA Examiner. 
  5. Present a valid school ID.
  6. Take the NTMA Entrance Examination.
  7. Results of the Written Examination will be released and announced at the Test Center in the afternoon of the examination date.
  8. Written Examination passers will be required to undergo the Color Blindness Test, height measurement, and oral interview.
  9. Visit or Facebook Fan Page by December to check if you passed the Examination and Interview.
  10. If passed, send an e-mail address to
  11. Check your email for the schedule of the Pre-Enrollment Briefing (PEB) and the list of documentary requirements.
  12. Read carefully and follow the instructions.
  13. Contact the Office of the Registrar not later than 2019 January 15 if no email was received
  14. Submit documentary requirements before the given deadline
  15. Attend the mandatory Pre-Enrollment Briefing in the NTMA Campus and Undergo Medical Examination (PEME) in Intramuros, Manila
  16. Prepare requirements for Pre-Enrollment Briefing
  17. Prepare requirements (for Study-Now-Pay-Later Program)
  18. Prepare requirements for Pre-Enrollment Medical Examination (PEME)

Enrollment Procedures
  1. Submit the duly filled-out NTMA Enrollment Form to the Registrar for Assessment. For Returnees, submit the duly filled-out Enrollment Form together with the approved Re-admission Form from the Office of the President. 
  2. Upon receipt of the Assessment Form, proceed to the Cashier for payment of necessary fees. 
  3. Present proof of payment to the Registrar for the issuance of Certificate of Registration.
  4. Upon receipt of the Certificate of Registration, proceed to the following: 
  • Cadets’ Station for picture-taking; issuance of school I.D., P.E. uniform, coverall and dormitory  instructions and arrangements; 
  • Library for the issuance of textbooks. 

Tuitions / Fees


PHP 100,000

per semester

PHP 100,000

per semester


Basketball Court
Outdoor Pool
Computer Lab
Chemistry Lab
Aircon Classrooms
Av Rooms

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School Overview

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NYK TDG Maritime Academy (NTMA) was established in 2005. It began with NYK-FIL's mission to consistently provide quality officers for NYK Line vessels. To achieve this mission, they proposed the establishment of a maritime school which gave birth to NYK-Transnational Institute Foundation, Inc. (NTIF) which now owns NYK-TDG Maritime Academy (NTMA).

NTMA promotes the highest standards in maritime education through a competency-based and maritime industry-driven curriculum that employs a variety of teaching methods delivered by highly qualified faculty members. At NTMA, students have direct and extensive access to modern facilities and equipment, and a guaranteed shipboard training.

NTMA's goal is to mold students over the course of four years into a Competent, Responsive and Socially Committed Merchant Marine Officer. Thus, upon graduation, they must have the required knowledge, skills, and attitude as defined in the NTMA Exit Competencies.
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School Organizations

Supreme Organization of Cadets (SOC)

Blue Horizon

Contact & Location

  • Address
  • Knowledge Avenue, Carmeltown, Canlubang, 4028, Calamba City, Laguna, P.O. Box 4037

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