Charity First Foundation Inc.
Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila

Partial Tuition
Needs-based, Merit-based



1. He/she must be a Filipino citizen 
2. He/she must possess the following Educational Qualifications: 
    a. Must have passed the PLM Admission Test & currently enrolled in PLM. 
    b. Must carry the regular load prescribed by the course. 
    c. Must maintain a general average of not less than 80% & without any failing grade. 
    d. Must pass the evaluation that will be conducted by the screening committee.
3. He/she must be of good health. 
4. He/she must be of good moral character. 
5. He/she must not be a recipient of any other scholarship grant 
6. He/she must attend the monthly seminars to be conducted by Charity First Foundation Inc., free of charge. 

Privileges: Each scholar is entitled to approximately Php 18,000.00 semestral subsidy to cover various expenses.
The amount of subsidy may vary depending on the needs of the scholar and the discretion of the screening committee. The amount of benefits may, accordingly, be reduced or increased on a case-to-case basis. 



Strictly for Filipinos only

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