Luis Co Chi Kiat Foundation Inc. (LCCKFI) Scholarship
Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila

Full Tuition
Needs-based, Merit-based



1. He/she must be a Filipino citizen 
2. He/she must carry the regular load prescribed by the course. 
3. He/she must have obtained a weighted average of at least 85% or higher 
4. He/she must not be a recipient of any other scholarship grant 
5. He/she must come from a family with an aggregate monthly income of not more than Php 10,000.00 
6. He/she must be of good health. 
7. He/she must be of good moral character. 
8. He/she must be favorably recommended by the scholarship coordinator of the OSDS. 
9. He/she must have no current employment or lucrative occupation 
10. He/she must pass all the admission requirements and preferably a Manilan 
11. He/she must have a regular academic status of Good Standing in order to maintain his/her scholarship. 
12. He/she must be dropped immediately from the scholarship rolls if he/she becomes subject of a disciplinary action. 

Privileges: The scholarship shall cover matriculation/tuition fees. 

Retention Policies:

1. The scholar must carry a full load and maintain a general average of not less than 80% and without any failing grade every semester. 
2. The scholar must not have been subjected to any disciplinary action by the school and must not engage in any form of gambling. 
3. If the scholar cannot meet the requirements to maintain the scholarship, he/she will be given a grace period of one (1) semester to meet his/her required academic standard. If the scholar still fails to meet the required academic standard, he/she will be stripped of his/her rights to the scholarship. The scholar will not be asked, however, to reimburse the full amount of the grant availed so far. 



Strictly for Filipinos only

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