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Scholarships 6 Programs
Tuition Fees ₱48,000 to ₱56,000per Semestral
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Return on investment9 Years Return, 1M Savings in 13 Years



Admission Requirements and Procedures - Undergraduate


Admission Requirements
  • Accomplished Application Form
  • 2xPictures ( red or blue Background (6 pieces) )
  • HS Card/TOR
  • Good Moral
  • NSO Birth Certificate (2 copies)
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Confirmation Certificate
  • NAT/NCAE Results

General Admission Requirements


High School graduates may be admitted as freshmen if they meet the following requirements:
  1. Must have a weighted general average of at least 80% in his/her Form 138.
  2. Must have passed the College Entrance test (CET) with an average of 1.590% or better.
  3. Must have passed the initial interview with the Guidance and Counseling Office and the final interview with the Program Coordinators/Office of the Student Affairs (OSA).
  4. Must submit his/her baptismal and confirmation certificates (original and photocopies).
  5. If married, must submit marriage certificate issued by the Church.
  6. Must submit medical/health certificate for drug-free condition and from the other forms of illnesses.
  7. Must have a letter of good moral character signed by the high school principal or guidance counselor or its equivalent, or the school’s admission officer.
  8. Must Submit six (6) copies of 2×2 colored pictures with red/blue background.
If one of the first 2 requirements is not complied fully by the freshman applicant, the Head of the Student Affairs in his/her discretion may admit the student on condition that said students is given only one or two semester’s probation period.

The guidance Counselor and the Homeroom Adviser will follow up the standing of the said student.


A student  with previous college work and who wishes to transfer to PASIG CATHOLIC COLLEGE must comply with the following requirements:
  1. He/she must present certified certified true copy of grades from his/her previous school. He/she must obtain a weighted general grade of 2.5, 80% or B, or better, for all the collegiate academic units he/she has taken outside Pasig Catholic College.
  2. He/she must have passed the College Entrance test (CET) with an average of 1.590% or better.
  3. Must have passed the initial interview with the Guidance and Counseling Office and the final interview with the Program Coordinators/Office of the Student Affairs (OSA).
  4. He/she must submit Transfer Credentials ( Transcript off Records), Baptismal and Confirmation Certificates.
  5. If married, must submit marriage certificate issued by the Church.
  6. He/she must submit a medical/health certificate for drug-free condition and from other forms of illnesses.
  7. He/she must submit a letter of good moral character signed by the Dean or Guidance Counselor or Admission Officer of his/her previous universities or college.
  8. Must Submit six (6) copies of 2×2 colored pictures with red/blue background.
  9. He/she must complete in PCC not less than 50% of the units required in his/her program.
If one of the first 3 requirements is not complied with fully by the transfer student, the Head of Student Affairs in his/her discretion may admit the student on condition that the said student is given only one or two semesters of probation period. The  Guidance Counselor and the Homeroom Adviser will follow-through the standing of the said student.


Students from other institutions may cross-enroll in the school if properly recommended.
  • The students should present Permit to Cross-Enroll indicating the subject/s to be taken.

Application Procedure

Submit the documents/requirements at the Guidance Office.
  • Fill out Pre-Application for Admission Form and submit it to the Guidance Office.
  • Pay Php 100.00 Testing Fee at the cashier.
  • Present the Official Receipt (OR) to the Guidance Office to secure Test/Examination Permit.
  • Take the College Entrance Test (CET) on the date scheduled.
  • Get the status (Pass/Fail) from the Guidance Office on the announced date for the release of results.
  • If accepted, applicants must submit the complete requirements. Upon submission, the student will be scheduled for an interview and screening with the Guidance Counselor and Head of Student Affairs.
  • After passing the interviews, the student will proceed to the Medical/Dental Clinic for medical check-up.

Source: http://www.pasigcatholic.edu.ph/degree-programs/


Admission Requirements and Procedures - Graduate School


  1. All applicants to the School of Graduate Studies must submit one original copy of his/her Transfer Credentials or Transcript of Records from the last school they have attended. These documents should indicate the corresponding Special Order. Only students with an average of 85% or 2.0 in the undergraduate program will be considered.
  2. Public school teachers enrolling for the first time must submit a permit to study signed by their superintendent.
  3. Students who graduated from schools outside the Philippines have to present their credentials to the Registrars’ Office (Original Transcript of Records) so that they may be forwarded to CHED for proper evaluation.
  4. Candidates for Master’s Degree not corresponding to their Bachelor’s Degree should finish at least 6 units of major undergraduate courses in those respective fields of specialization before proceeding to graduate works.
  5. Transfer credits may be allowed at the discretion of the Dean subject to academic policies of the institution.

a. Accomplish Clearance form (at the SGS Dean’s Office)
– SGS Library
– Accounting Office
– Registrar’s Office
b. Release of Class Cards, if available (is at the SGS Dean’s Office).

a. Submit Admission Requirements ( Registrar’s Office )
– Original Transcript of Records or Transfer Credentials
– Photocopy of Birth Certificate (NSO Certified)
– 3 Copies 1×1 I.D. picture (colored)
– 1 Copy 2×2 I.D. picture (colored)
– Photo copy of Marriage Contract (for female applicants)
– Permit to study (for public school teachers)
b. Acquire Student Number (for new students only) at the Registrar’s Office).
Step 3: Enrollment Procedures
  1. Fill up Registration form (Registrar’s Office)
  2. Assessment ( Accounting Office )
  3. Pay Tuition and other fees (at the Cashier)
  4. Final Enrollment ( SGS Dean’s Office )

Source: http://www.pasigcatholic.edu.ph/graduate-studies/

Admission Requirements and Procedures - Basic Education


1. Download the Admission requirements from here. Fill up the Application Form and print together with the Adviser/Guidance Counselor’s Recommendation Forms. The printed Recommendation Forms will be filled up by the former student’s school.
Additional Forms to be accomplished: ( downloadable too )
For ECE – Grade 6  Parent’s recommendation form
For incoming Grade 7 – Academic Record Form

AGE REQUIREMENTS FOR ECE (Nursery 1, Nursery 2 & Kindergarten) and Grade 1 APPLICANTS:

Nursery 1 – 3 years old as of August 2018
Nursery 2 – 4 years old as of August 2018
Kindergarten – 5 years old as of August 2018
Grade 1 –  6 years old as of August 2018

2. Submit the following at the Admission Office:
  1. Application Form
  2. Recommendation Form – placed on a sealed envelope
  3. NSO Birth Certificate 2x (Photocopy only)
  4. Baptismal Certificate 2x (Photocopy only)
  5. Marriage Certificate 2x (Photocopy only and optional)
  6. Latest Report card with LRN 2x (Photocopy only)
  7. Good Moral certificate
  8. 2 pieces 1×1 recent colored ID pictures
  9. NCAE result ( for Senior High School applicant ONLY )
  • Pay Php 300 for Admission Fee. Official Receipt will be presented at the Registrar’s Office for test schedule.
  • For Grade School applicants – Upon examination, parent/ legal guardians should be the one to accompany the applicant.
3. Three (3 ) days after the examination, regularly check your online application using your username and password for the test result.

NOTE :   Students with INCOMPLETE requirements won’t be able to view their test results.

4. HS applicants who passed the entrance examination will have to undergo an interview with the Guidance Counselor together with the parents. After which, processing of clearance will follow.
  • For the Grade School applicants who passed, will have to secure an Admission clearance from the Guidance Office.

Source: http://www.pasigcatholic.edu.ph/basic-education/

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School Overview

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Pasig Catholic College (PCC) is a private institution located in the heart of Pasig City. It was founded in 1913 and headed by Rev. Fr. Pierre Cornelis de Brouwer of Congregatio Immaculati Cordis Mariae (CICM) as Escuela Catolica. As years passed, PCC moved towards in 1973 starting with Msgr. Gaudencio B. Rosales as School Director leading up to Msgr. Gerardo O. Santos, the present School Director of the institution.

PCC has a wide array of programs starting from Basic Education to Graduate Studies. The institution is also K-12 ready. It offers courses, namely Information Technology, Education, Accountancy, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Psychology, and Communications. It also offers Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) registered courses in Caregiving with National Certificate II as well as Hotel and Restaurant Services/Management. Meanwhile, its Graduate Studies Department focuses primarily on the field of Education.
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