Fr. Urbain Timmermans and Fr. Victor de Klerck (Equity Scholarship- High school)
Pasig Catholic College

Full Tuition
Needs-based, Merit-based
15 Slots


They both built the first two buildings of Pasig Catholic College, the one in the patio from 1931 to 1932 and the old elementary school building (old Urbano Building) from 1933 to 1939. Equity Scholarship is granted to financially disadvantaged but intellectually deserving students who obtained a general weighted average of at least 88% in Form 138 and 1.5 or 90% for college students.  They must belong to a family whose gross annual income does not exceed Php 120,000.00. Five (5) scholarship slots are available to qualified grade school and high school students who intend to pursue his/her studies in PCC and ten (10) scholarship slots are available to qualified college students.


Grade Requirement: GWA of at least 88%

Open to High School Students only

Any gender

Any course is allowed


Documentary Requirements

  • Letter of Application
  • Accomplished application form
  • 2×2 colored ID picture
  • Form 138
  • Good Moral Certificate
  • ITR of parents or Certificate of Indecency

General Criteria for Eligibility
  • Pre- Qualifying Requirements
  • Must obtain a general weighted average of at least 88% in Form 138 (Report Card) for high school students and 1.5 for college students.
  • Must belong to a family whose gross annual income is not exceeding Php 120,000.00.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must not be a recipient of any scholarship grant
  • The student must apply in writing and attach the Form 138 (Report Card) Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Must submit a certificate of family annual income not exceeding Php 120,000.00. if self – employed, an affidavit of combined annual family income duly notarized must be submitted
  • Must pass the interview and the background investigation conducted by the members of the Scholarship Committee
  • Must be men and women of moral integrity and must not be subjected to any disciplinary case.

  • The grantee must be enrolled in regularly required load in any of the five – year, four – year and two – year programs offered in the department.
  • The grantee is entitled to a 100% miscellaneous fee and tuition discount. The basis of the discount will be the load enrolled in the previous semester. He/she must have no failure or incomplete grade in any of the enrolled subjects in any of the semesters and during the entire period of his/her stay in PCC.
  • Must be men and women of moral integrity and must not be subjected to any disciplinary case.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • An Equity scholar must render service to their parish or community for at least 30 hours/semester. Services can be rendered in the form of the following: altar server, commentator, reader, choir member, program emcee, or serve in any department of the school – as needed and approved by the department concerned.)
  • Must report to the Guidance Office on a regular basis, for monitoring and mentoring.
  • Must take active participation in the Tutorial Program of the Guidance and Counseling Office, to render tutorial services to students who have academic difficulty.
  • Must take part in the Promotion of the school programs.
  • Must take active participation in all school/Guidance activities.
  • Must exhibit a propriety of behavior at any given time.
  • Must serve as a role model for other PCC students.
  • Must submit an accomplished timesheet, duly signed by the supervising parish/office personnel and a weekly accomplishment report to the Guidance and Counseling Office.
  • Any violation of school rules, regulations and/or policies would mean cancellation and non-renewal of the scholarship grant.

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