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The Philippine-California Advance Research Institutes (PCARI) Project is a five-year capacity building, technology-generating collaborative initiative designed to upgrade to global standards the research, development and innovation capabilities and competencies of Philippine higher education institutions.

The PCARI Project is a new approach that will enhance skills and expertise through (1) Scholarships and Training, but primarily (2) Research Partnerships with highly-ranked research universities in California, USA. We initially partnered with the University of California (UC) Berkeley and the University of California San Francisco. Last year, we expanded to include UC Davis and more recently, UC Los Angeles. The PCARI Projects’ priority areas are in the fields of Information Infrastructure Development (IID) and Health Innovation and Translational Medicine (HITM).

After two cycles of research proposals generation and review, there are now 16 ongoing PCARI R&D projects involving 15 local higher education institutions (public and private) in the priority areas of Information Infrastructure Development (IID) and Health Innovation and Translational Medicine (HITM). These projects aim to harness leading edge research in the emerging technologies of IT, biotechnology, materials science and innovations in health and translational medicine to develop products and services to address societal scale problems in the country.

The objective of PCARI Scholarships Project is to develop the critical mass of scientists, technologists and innovators in the Philippines HEIs capable of generating and translation technologies into innovations that will address societal problems. Scholars under this project will have an opportunity to interact with the world's elite research universities and will be part of the top talents in the country who are active in fundamental and applied research relevant to the country's socio-economic development and the long-term competitiveness of the Philippines.

Applicants may pursue MS and PhD Degrees relevant to the two priority areas of the Project which are Information Infrastructure Development (IID) and Health Innovation and Translational Medicine (HITM).

Information Infrastructure Development refers to the technological and human components, networks, systems, and processes that contribute to the creation, flow or exchange, processing and management of electronic information (adapted from Braa et al., 2007).

Health Innovation and Translational Medicine refers to the bench-to-bedside translation of basic scientific research to practicable diagnostic procedures and therapies with meaningful improvements to physical, mental or social health outcomes (adapted from Zerhouni, 2005).



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