Philippine College of Criminology Requirements

641 Sales St. Sta. Cruz, Manila
PHP 60,000 to 64,000


  • Does this mean I will spend two more years in High School?

    Yes. But these two additional years will equip you with skills that will better prepare you for the future, whether it be; Kolehiyo, Trabaho or Negosyo!



    ·         Birth Certificate (original)
    ·         Original Copy of Form 138 (Report Card)
    ·         4 pcs. of 1x1 ID Picture
    ·         Certificate of Good Moral Character
    ·         NCAE Result
    ·         4 pcs. of 2x2 ID Picture




    (Masters Program)
    ·         Transcript of Records (Original)
    ·         Letter of Intent
    ·         Certificate of Employment
    ·         Honorable Dismissal
    ·         Certificate of Good Moral Character
    ·         Two (2) pcs. of 2 X 2 recent ID picture (Note: Must have a name tag)
    ·         Grade requirement: Should have an average grade of 2.0 or better.

    (Doctoral Program)
    ·          Transcript of Records (Original)
    ·          Honorable Dismissal
    ·          Letter of Intent
    ·          Certification of Employment (COE)
    ·          Two (2) pieces of 2 X 2 ID picture (Note: Must have a name tag)
    ·         Grade requirement: Should have an average grade of 1.75 or better.

    1. Get a copy of the application form at the PCCR – Graduate School Office.
    2. Submit accomplished form at the Graduate School Office.
    Graduate School Admission Policies (Taken from Official Website)
    ·         Applicants for the Doctorate Program (Doctor of Philosophy in Criminology) must have a master’s degree in criminology or in a related field.
    ·         Master's degree holders in other disciplines must have completed the twenty-one (21) units of Specialization Courses in MS Criminal Justice with specialization in Criminology to be admitted in this program.
    ·         Master's degree holders in other disciplines must enroll at least 18 units of additional subjects prescribed in the program to be studied. Subjects to be taken are two (2) core courses and four (4) major courses in the master’s program (Note: Subject to the approval of the graduate school dean).
    ·         Applicants for the Master of Science in Criminal Justice must have a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology or in a related field.
    ·         If the applicant's bachelor’s degree is in another discipline, one must have to enroll at least 21 units of major courses on the area of specialization (Note: Subject to the approval of the dean before proceeding to graduate work criminology program). Under Section 11 (CMO 47 s. 2006)
    ·         Foreign applicants are advised to comply with the visa requirements issued by the PCCr Registrar's Office in collaboration with the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation (BID).
    ·         Before enrolling, Foreign students shall pay an additional fee of PHP 1,000.00 (for master’s degree) and PHP 1,500.00 (for doctoral degree).



    ·         Birth Certificate
    ·         High School Report Card (Form 138) / Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) Certificate
    ·         Honorable Dismissal (for transferees)
    ·         Accomplished Application Form
    ·         Certificate of Good Moral Character
    ·         1 pc. 2x2  ID picture (Note: Must have a white background)
    ·         True Copy of Grades/Transcript of Records (for transferees)
    ·         Marriage Contract (for married female applicants only)

    1.     Accomplish application form for the admission test
    2.     Pay testing fee at the Accounting Office (Ground Floor of JFAB Building).
    3.     Take the scheduled entrance exam and accomplish information record form.
    4.     Get the test result, preferably a day after, and wait for the interview schedule.
    5.     Go to the scheduled interview and check all the requirements needed (Original and Photocopy.
    6.     Release the Result Form and the Classification Result.
    7.     Once done, Go to the Registrar's Office for your enrollment.
    8.     Present the Exam and Interview Results along with the other requirements necessary for enrollment.
    9.     Acquire the Computer-generated Temporary Registration Form.
    10.  Present the Temporary Form at the Accounting Office for the assessment of fees (Note: It is done at Window 11).
    11.  Pay your tuition fee.
    12.  Get the Official Registration Form at Window 11 of the Accounting Office.

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