• Does this mean I will spend two more years in High School?

    Yes. But these two additional years will equip you with skills that will better prepare you for the future, whether it be; Kolehiyo, Trabaho or Negosyo!



    • Form 138 (High School Report Card)
    • Certificate of Good Moral Character
    • Four (4) Copies of 2x2 ID Picture
    • Copy of Grades or Transcript of Records (for transferees)
    • Two (2) Photocopies of Birth Certificate
    • Honorable Dismissal (for transferees)



    • Transcript of Records (TOR)
    • Two (2) Character Recommendations
    • Two (2) passport-sized pictures
    • Certificate of Employment (if employed)
    • Proof of English Language Proficiency
    • Application form for Graduate Program Admission
    • Mental Ability Test
    • Two (2) 2x2 ID pictures (for transferees)
    • Marriage Contract (for married female applicants only)
    • Personal interview
    • Honorable Dismissal (for transferees)
    • ACR or Study Permit (for foreign applicants)

    Admission Requirements/Qualifications for the DBA program:
    • Must be a holder of a Master’s degree preferably, in Business Administration (Thesis Program).
    (Note: MBA Holders (Non-Thesis Program) who completed research methodology courses can also be accepted in the program, but subject to approval by the Dean.)
    • Must have at least 2 years of executive/managerial position in a company or a government agency.
    • Proficiency in management report writing and analysis.
    • English Language Proficiency (oral and written).
    • Should be of Good Moral Character
    • Must have no failing grades

    1. Get the Examination Result at the Guidance Office.
    2. Submit the test result and the requirements to the Graduate School Office.
    3. Get the registration form from the Accounting Office.
    4. Accomplish Registration Form and Submit it to the Graduate School Office.
    5. Present the form to the Enrollment Adviser for approval.
    6. Proceed to the Accounting Department for the assessment of fees.
    7. Pay the fees at the Cashier.
    8. Go to the Graduate School Office to secure your class cards.



    • Form 138 (High School Report Card)
    • Copy of NSO Birth Certificate
    • PSBA Entrance Test Result
    • Honorable Dismissal from the last school attended (for Transferees)
    • Certificate of Good Moral Character
    • Two (2) Copies of 2x2 ID Pictures
    • Transcript of Records (TOR) or Copy of Grades (COG) (for Transferees)

    1. Accomplish Application Form for the Entrance Exam and Pay the testing fee of PHP 300.00.
    2. Get the admission test result at the Guidance Office. (Note: To qualify for admission and enrollment, an applicant must pass the entrance exam).
    3. Submit the entrance exam result and the admission requirements at the Registrar’s Office.
    4. Secure and accomplish the Registration Form.
    5. Next, Go to the PE and NSTP Departments for your Registration
    6. Show the form to the Enrollment Adviser for approval
    7. Go to the Accounting Department for the assessment of fees and Pay them at the Cashier’s window.
    8. Go to the Guidance Office for the submission of class schedule
    9. Proceed to the Clinic for your check-up
    10. Lastly, secure your class cards.  


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