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Course Description

Psychology is essentially the study of the human brain, behavior, and social interaction. In PWC, the Bachelor of Science in Psychology program is a three years designed academic program that aims to help observe, understand and predict human behavior through the scientific method. It also serves as path ways to the human psyche and fathoms its depths. Students are expected to gain the knowledge, tools and skills needed to assess and conduct empirical research on individual and group behavior through the lens of various psychological theories and concepts.

  • Demonstrate the capacity to discuss and analyze the major theories and concepts in psychology (knowledge in psychology).
  • Demonstrate and apply the methods of psychological inquiry in the building knowledge on local culture and context (psychological research).
  • Demonstrate and apply psychological theories and methods in personal and professional setting (application of psychology).
  • Demonstrate capacity for self-reflection and independent learning in graduate education or in a professional context (independent learning).
  • Demonstrate professional and ethical behaviors in research and practice in psychology (ethics).
  • Demonstrate harmonious interpersonal relationship with colleagues, clients and others (interpersonal skills) in diverse cultural setting.
  • Demonstrate the ability to conduct psychological assessments and evaluation (psychological assessment).
A graduate of this program can have three career paths: as a Psychologist which requires a Master’s degree and a license, as a Psychometrician which requires a license, and as a Guidance Counselor which requires a Master’s degree and a license.

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