Full Tuition


This scholarship is given to senior hig school valedictorians and salutatorians of public and private high schools. They are inherently entitled 100% and 50% tuition fee discount respectively, provided that the number of graduates from the school they came from is not less than 100 in that given academic year. Said data (on rank and school propulation) should be supported by a certification from the school principal.

However, valedictorians and salutatorians from schools with less than 100 graduates can still avail of the scholarship provided they pass the Mental Ability Test administered by the school’s Guidance Center and obtain the minimum grade requirement for the entitlement.

PWC valedictorians and salutatorians are entitled to this scholarship regardless of the number of graduates.
The scholarship granted to valedictorians and salutatorians is extend up to their final year in College (4th year) provided they meet the maintaining grade requirement as follows:

A weighed percentage average grade of at least 1.5 (95%) with no grade below 2.2 (88%) for full tuition fee discount and a WPA of at least 2.0 (90%) with no grade below 2.2 (88%) for 50% tuition fee discount.


Application Requirements

a. SSP Form (to be obtained from the office of the SSP in-Charge)
b. 1pc 2×2 ID picture
c. Certificate of Ranking and Number of Students from the Principal (for incoming first year)
d. Certificate of Graes from the School Registrar (for 2nd to 4th year)
e. Certificate of Good Moral Character for incoming first year from other schools.

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