Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science
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Course Description

BS in Medical Laboratory Science(formerly known as BS in Medical Technology, is a four year degree program that equips students with knowledge and skills in  laboratory tests used in detection, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases.

The MLS curriculum is divided into two levels.  The first level consists of three academic years and the second level(the fourth year) is internship.
The academic years include :
1. General Education courses such as language and humanities, Mathematics, Computer and Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Mandated subjects.
2. Basic courses such as Introduction to Medical Laboratory Science with Science, Technology and Society, Anatomy Physiology, Community and Public Health, Principles and Strategies of Teaching in Health Education
3. Core Courses such as Biological Science, Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Organic chemistry and Biochemistry
4. Professional Courses such as Bacteriology, Mycology & Virology, Clinical Chemistry,  Histology, Analysis of Urine & Other Body Fluids, Pharmacology, Cytogenetics, MT Laws and Bioethics, Laboratory Management, Parasitology, Immunology & Serology, Immunohematology, General Pathology, Histopathologic Techniques, Research and Special Topics on Medical Laboratory Science.

The fourth year of the program is a year-long  Internship in affiliated hospital and/or free standing laboratories.    During this year, the students are required to rotate in all the sections of the laboratory where they perform lab tests and other diagnostic examinations.

Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science

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