Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments
Queensland University of Technology

(Tuition fee is not stated)
3-4 years

Course Description

This double degree gives you the opportunity to apply your business skills within the exciting industry of digital environments and electronic games. You will not only expand your business skills but also your creative skills through the development of digital environments and other forms of interactive media. You will learn to apply your critical creative thinking to identify issues and solve problems related to various technical, creative and cultural aspects of games development. Creativity and innovation are strong skills to have in business. Having a business background gives you a competitive advantage over other games and interactive entertainment graduates as it gives you the knowledge of how business works. You will understand issues related to people and process management in games development and demonstrate the ability to be an effective leader and innovator. You will develop lifelong skills to enable you to continuously improve games and interactive entertainment. In the business component of this double degree, you will gain broad-based business knowledge and skills that will prepare you for any business role, along with the specialist skill and knowledge in your choice of business major in accountancy, advertising, economics, finance, human resource management, international business, management, marketing or public relations. In the games and interactive environments component, you will have the opportunity to develop your creative skills in the area of your chosen major in either animation, game design or software technologies. In your final year you will participate in a major group project to produce a significant piece of work using PC, mobile devices, consoles or virtual reality. "For more information, please check out their official website here:

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