Saint Gabriel College

Old Buswag, Kalibo, Aklan
PHP 34,000 to 36,000


(Updated as of Aug 01, 2019)

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What does Saint Gabriel College stand for?

Saint Gabriel College (SGC) is a private educational institution in Kalibo, Aklan. Established in 1970, it was originally the Saint Gabriel School of Nursing and is the first paramedical school in Aklan. As the enrollees increased, the school opened more vocational courses in allied health. In 1979, the School of Nursing offered its first bachelor's degree program in Nursing and consequently earned its college status.

At present, the college provides undergraduate courses in Nursing, Pharmacy, Medical Technology, Radiologic Technology, Midwifery, BIology, and Accountancy. It also has a School of Technical Vocational Education offering a variety of TVET courses that lead to a National Certificate (NC) after a successful assessment. These tech-voc courses can also be taken as Bundled Programs in which students can take two courses at a time. Additionally, SGC now has a Basic Education Department with programs from preschool through senior high school. The SHS department offers selected strands from the Academic and the Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) tracks.


What programs & courses does Saint Gabriel College offer?

Choosing the right program can help you set your future goals and visualize where you want to be. Whether you want to be an engineer, a teacher, an accountant, or you want to level up in your profession, making yourself informed with the right choices will surely back you up in the future. Are you ready to map your career with Saint Gabriel College? Make the best decision in choosing the right path for you, click through the list of programs offered by Saint Gabriel College below:

Where is Saint Gabriel College located?

(Updated as of Aug 01, 2019)

Old Buswag, Kalibo, Aklan
Contact Number
(036) 268-9412 / (036) 268-9055
Mobile Number
(Not stated)

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