Saint Mary's Academy of Capiz

2537 P. Burgos St., Roxas City 5800
PHP 27,803 to 35,650

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  • Does this mean I will spend two more years in High School?

    Yes. But these two additional years will equip you with skills that will better prepare you for the future, whether it be; Kolehiyo, Trabaho or Negosyo!


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  • Michael Ignacio Testimony

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    Faith. Service. Excellence.
    These are the values I promised to uphold upon leaving my alma matter. For 11 years, my
    belief was strengthened, my character was molded, and my skills were honed. A young and
    naive boy was raised to become a confident and goal-driven lad. But as I ventured into another
     journey in college, I felt fear and vulnerability. Entering the realms of UP is a life changing
    experience. It can change your perspective, your being, and your self-esteem. And believe it or not, it changed mine.
    After a few years in college, which happened to be a secular university, I started questioning my
    religion. In UP, we were taught to critically analyze everything and so I began doubting even my own faith. But despite this skepticism, in times of struggles and uncertainties, I still hold on to the divine being. At the end of the day, no matter what we choose to believe in, our faith will always be stronger than our fears.
    I must say, my character now is different than it was 4 years ago. Yes, dark days came and I somehow succumbed to temptations. However, if there’s one thing that remained still, it was my passion for humble service. In every action I opt to take, I can’t help but to consider its
    effects to the people around and how it can benefit the community. To serve is something I
    cannot unlove and I believe I must continue to uphold because as an Ignacian-Marian and an Isko, it is my responsibility to accept the mandate to always serve the community and our country.
     It may have not transpired to my actions but believe me I doubted myself.... a lot of times in fact. Along with my Isko journey are bundles of insecurities, self-doubts, and tampered goals. But, my foundation in SMAC made me value excellence in all aspects. In every undertaking I pursue, I give my all. No matter how difficult it can get, I choose not to give. I rest if I must but I come back stronger and better. Faith. Service. Excellence. Although I may have not lived up to it fully, I am still thankful to SMAC for instilling it to me because unconsciously, I depended on these values to
    surpass the entire journey and to really discover who I am and my purpose. With grateful hearts, thank you my beloved alma mater!

  • Schoology Learning Management System Orientation for Teachers facilitated by REX Bookstore

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  • 2019 UP CARAVAN attendy by SMAC Grade 12 Students held in Saint Mary's Academy of Capiz, Roxas City.

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  • BLUED Aquaintance Party

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  • Suicide and Depression Lecture for Grades 4-7 students with Dr. Leah Florence A. Sicad at SMAC auditorium.

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  • SMAC Special Features 2019-2020

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  • SMAC Brochure

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