Financial Aid
Application Closed:
June 10, 2019


To enflesh the school’s mission of intensifying scholarship program for the poor, the Religious Community of Saint Mary’s Academy of Capiz provided a scholarship grant to students who desire to avail of quality Ignacian Marian Education. The scholarship is made available to 2% of the total number of enrollment for the school year. This grant is enjoyed only for a year and is renewed yearly upon evaluation of the student’s academic and disciplinary performance. The grantees from Grade 1 to Grade 12 enjoy 25 % to 100% free Tuition, Miscellaneous and Other Fees depending upon the availability of funds.


Grade Requirement: at least 80

Open to All Nationalities

For any students

Any course is allowed

Any gender

For single applicants only


Criteria for Selection:
•  has no grades lower than 80% in all subject areas in all grading periods has no disciplinary problem
•  not enjoying any form of other scholarships
•  has no siblings enjoying the same scholarship
•  less fortunate but deserving students